Probiotics for Weight Loss

A study out of Quebec had 125 obese participants follow a 12-week weight-loss diet, followed by another 12 weeks of weight maintenance. Half took probiotics, half didn’t. Women on the probiotic regimen lost four pounds more than the control group. Plus, they continued losing weight during the maintenance period, while the¬†women on the placebo gained weight back.

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  • Aimee Kelly

    Who funded this study? A probiotics company? Do you even look into things like that before you publish it on the Internet? Also why do you not reference the study so we can go look it up?

    • safetynet2razorwire

      1. Open a new window.
      2. Enter ‘probiotics weightloss quebec study’.
      3. Glance at any one of the news feed articles (I chose ‘National Post’).
      4. Enter ‘probiotics british journal of nutrition tremblay’
      5. Read abstract.

      (The above took me less time than it took to write this educational note)