What Manicurists Don’t Want You to Know

Although they feel solid, your nails are quite porous, which makes them liable to absorb the pigments in your polish. The iron oxides used in red and pink pigments are the most aggressive agents of yellowing—it’s basically like the polish is rusting your nail, since iron oxide technically is rust. Fortunately, it’s a purely cosmetic (and temporary) problem. But if the discoloration bothers you, prevent it by taking your polish off more frequently and adding lighter colors to your rotation.

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  • http://www.EBay.com/tableshowershop Alison Nelson

    I think, unfortunately that most manicurists these days probably won’t even know what porous means. I’m happy though that this problem is just a temporary cosmetic one and that alternating from reds & pinks to lighter colors and removing polish more often can remedy the yellowing of nails.