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Amy Marturana is an NYC-based beauty and health writer, covering all things hair, makeup, skin, fitness, health and nutrition. Previously, she worked as an Editorial Assistant at YouBeauty and an editorial intern at HuffPost Home, covering home decor, DIY and home improvement.

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The Olympic gold medalist can just as naturally talk about beauty products as she can about sports.

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Finally, a drugstore polish remover that works well on gels!

beautiful korean woman

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They find your next cult fave Korean beauty product — so you don't have to.

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Yoga practice takes time, dedication and stamina. Some of us don't have insane Yoga Girl flexibility or a spare hour to spend at a class...
ingrown hair underarms

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Because no one wants to spend all summer with itchy, bumpy underarms.

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Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shows us how to tighten and tone with no equipment required — all the moves use nothing more than your body weight.

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Time to swap out those bordeaux lip shades for bright, popping pinks.

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One good reason to eat breakfast every day: skipping meals may actually cause weight gain around your middle.

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Now, there's another Kylie Jenner lip challenge — but this time, celebrating the lips your momma gave you instead of trying to make your kisser something it's not.

woman waking up

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A new device called the Human Charger supposedly adjusts your circadian rhythm by beaming light to your brain via your ears.

Latest In

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Bellamy Young teaches us how to channel a bit of the First Lady's power.

100 years of russian beauty

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This latest "100 Years of Beauty" video shows just how drastically politics played a part in shaping Russian's top beauty trends.

The Hunt app beauty poll

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Asking complete strangers to vote on my lipstick options was surprisingly addictive!

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