Deborah Dunham


Deborah Dunham is passionate about all things wellness and spirituality because she knows real beauty comes from the inside out. She is a curious and engaging writer who contributes to various style, beauty and women’s sites, and she balances her time on the laptop with time spent heels-over-head in yoga. Deborah is also an avid runner, cyclist and swimmer who competes year-round in races, triathlons and marathons. She is a socially-conscious vegetarian who enjoys green smoothies every morning and strives to keep her carbon footprint to a minimum through organic, natural living. Deborah’s beauty advice is simple: Fill your plate with delicious, colorful, fresh foods daily, relax and sleep more than you think you need to, and pamper your body with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients. Oh, and a teensy bit of dark chocolate everyday doesn’t hurt either! Contact Deborah at www.DeborahSDunham.com.

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