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Yes, saffron, the spice you probably recognize from savory Italian risotto or Spanish paella.

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Learn more about the diet plan that protects against mental decline.

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Getting more shut-eye won't just help you now, but also later in life when you need it most.

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But that doesn't mean you can have free rein of the saltshaker and still maintain your health.

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Research shows just how important healthy lifestyle changes are in preventing cancer.

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Find out why you should keep those vitamin D levels high.

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New research reveals an interesting truth: many people do not lose weight with exercise.

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We hate to burst your sugary bubble, but ...

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Altering your fitness habits now can take years off your fitness age.

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You probably want to keep your body’s command center as healthy as NASA wants to keep its astronauts. Your brain is crucial for your...

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Skipping meals may actually cause weight gain around your middle.

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Green tea is known to reduce belly fat, boost metabolism and help digestion.

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Time to swap out those bordeaux lip shades for bright, popping pinks.

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