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Regular workouts have enormous health benefits. But extreme exercise can be downright dangerous.

risks of birth control

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You'll probably heard about the increased risk of blood clots that comes from taking birth control pills. But how big of a risk does it pose, exactly?

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These hidden causes could be causing harm to the little swimmers in your life.

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Yes, saffron, the spice you probably recognize from savory Italian risotto or Spanish paella.

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Learn more about the diet plan that protects against mental decline.

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Getting more shut-eye won't just help you now, but also later in life when you need it most.

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But that doesn't mean you can have free rein of the saltshaker and still maintain your health.

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Research shows just how important healthy lifestyle changes are in preventing cancer.

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Find out why you should keep those vitamin D levels high.

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New research reveals an interesting truth: many people do not lose weight with exercise.

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sunscreen to prevent skin cancer

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Keep your skin healthy with the ABDCE rule!

UnREAL Lifetime Natasha Wilson

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Surprise! Reality TV isn't as real as we all thought.

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Spoiler: you're not.

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