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There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. During those nocturnal hours when you’re (hopefully) catching your much-needed zzz’s, cell processes work at the...

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Find out how much the average women spends on lipstick in her lifetime.

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Snowflakes may make you feel nostalgic for a cup of hot cocoa this winter, but when flaky, itchy skin crops up on your face...

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We know coffee powers you through the day (and sometimes night!). But did you know coffee is an ingredient in beauty and skin products...

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A new standard takes green living even a step further.

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Doctors in fields other than dermatology shed light on the sneaky things that can affect your complexion.

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We reflect on the iconic brands that helped define a decade, and find out what they're up to now.

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With aquamarine beaches, lush tropical forests and the best coffee in the world, South America is a popular destination for sun-seeking travelers. And yet...

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Have you ever headed out into the day feeling completely self-assured, only to cringe later when you glance in the mirror and catch an...

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Bless hair stylists — we go to them with all our frazzled and frizzy hair problems, and expect them to work instant magic. So...

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Use a gentle tapping motion to spread product over eye area to help prevent fine lines.

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Herbs galore! Here's a how-to for making herb butter and some recipes you'll love.

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Find burn relief in your kitchen!

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