Viren Swami, Ph.D.

Our Attraction Expert

Dr. Viren Swami is a Reader in Psychology at the University of Westminster in London, England. Malaysian-born and British-educated, he is internationally recognized as an expert on interpersonal attraction and appearance-related issues. Much of his work adopts a cross-cultural perspective and he has developed a particular interest in perceptions of ideal body size in different national and cultural settings. His research also focuses on body image, particularly the promotion of healthier self-perceptions, and he currently serves as an Associate Editor for the journal Body Image. Dr. Swami’s other research interests are eclectic and he has previously published peer-reviewed articles on, among other things, conspiracy theories, tattoos (of which he has several), mental health literacy and aesthetic preferences. He has published some 150 peer-reviewed journal articles, has edited two volumes of chapters (“Evolutionary Psychology: A Critical Introduction” and “Body Beautiful: Evolutionary and Sociocultural Perspectives”), and is the author of “The Missing Arms of Venus de Milo” and (with Adrian Furnham) “The Psychology of Physical Attraction.”

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