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Lift greasy sunscreen stains off fabric by using a multi-purpose cleaner to pre-treat area.

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Using the "soak-and-wrap" method will help remove glitter from your nails faster.

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White wine can be used to remove red wine stains.

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You should be tipping 20-30% at the nail salon.

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Carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables will give your skin a healthy golden glow.

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Incorporating foods rich in Vitamin B and D3 may help you fight off premature grey hairs.

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Men are more likely to cheat when you're earning more money than him.

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Two in 50 people will experience the desire to pull out their hair in their lifetime.

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Regular foot baths help to remove built-up calluses faster.

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Drinking alcohol can significantly lower your man's sperm count.

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This is seriously touching.

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Tongue piercings require a high level of care and attention.

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