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On any given day, you could be carrying 2 to 5 pounds of extra water weight. The likely culprit? Too much salt in your diet, such...

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We all age, but having the confidence to do so gracefully is why these stars shine inside and out. One of the top five...

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Learn the basics of getting brighter, more youthful looking skin.

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Get a brighter complexion by incorporating these skin-illuminating foods into your diet.

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Smart women have been radiating bright ideas throughout the ages - let's see how!

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From rosy cheeks to a wrinkle-free complexion, a look at how skincare trends have evolved in the U.S.

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Pinpoint the culprits that are making your skin look dull and drab, and try these nine ways to brighten up your complexion.

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Here's how to be the one your boss turns to when she needs a bright idea!

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We've got your weekend downtime all planned out.

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A homemade sugar scrub is an easy, inexpensive and natural way to get softer skin.

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There's a reason (besides your potential tan) why you should choose outdoor seating. Restaurant diners who sit the farthest from the front door eat less...
americans binge drinking

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Drinking a beer or two is how a lot of us unwind after a rough day at the office. And drinking heavily? Well, that was...

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Suburban mall favorite Abercrombie & Fitch is ending its infamous "Look Policy" that just wouldn't die, even after an argument in front of the Supreme Court. Business Insider...

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Have some belly pudge you can't seem to kick, no matter how many crunches you do? There are a few reasons your belly fat...

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