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When you're shopping for skincare, do you check the ingredient labels? If a product that seems awesome in every way has a main ingredient...

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Recently the FDA issued a warning stating that common acne treatment ingredients, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, can cause severe allergic reactions. Before skincare...

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Just like the alphabet creams (BB, CC, DD,…) we have Asian beauty brands to thank for the rise of sleeping masks (also known as...

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There’s a saying that “knowing is half the battle.” When it comes to beauty products—in particular frizz-free products—truer words have never been spoken. From...

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And one you need to avoid.

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Our resident cosmetic chemist lets us in on some interesting industry secrets about organic beauty products.

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When it comes to mixing up your own creams, scrubs and cleansers, there are a few that-for your skin's sake-should be left to the professionals.

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If a product says it's fragrance-free, is it really? Whether your skin is sensitive to fragrance or you just can't stand perfume-y lotions, this article will change the way you think about scent in beauty products.

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When it comes to your skincare, not all alcohols are created equal. Our cosmetic chemistry expert compares apples and oranges (or better yet, balls and chains).

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Our cosmetic chemist investigates the alphabet cream trend.

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Use fresh raspberries to create a delicious DIY lip stain.

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Master the grill without messing with your health.

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YouTube beauty vlogger, BellaDeLune, unleashes the circus for an ultimate color-correcting finish!

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