Street Style Ponytails

1Yuka Kanagawa

“This is really easy! I just made a low ponytail, and looped my hair through to create this flipped look.”

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2Nayara Banderia

To create this casually swept-back stye, spritz hair with a light-hold spray like Nexxus Comb Through Natural Hold Design and Finishing Mist.

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3Emily Leung

“Check out my homemade barette!” (It’s a doll arm!)

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4Courtney Dunlop

“A tight, braided ponytail is a great choice for a rainy day.”

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6Mina Kim

Nothing’s sexier than a tousled side-knot!  Simply gather hair into an ear-level side pony, twist into a bun and secure with an elastic.  Don’t worry about keeping it sleek—the messier, then better.

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8Lauren Kozica

The top knot is the ultimate in breezy chic—but if your tresses are too thin to create a lush bun, try backcombing your pony before twisting into knot.

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9Becca Shumlin

The mid-crown pony is perfect for on-the-go girls who just want an easy, elegant style.

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11Mom ponytail

Nadia Asoyan and Alice

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12Paige Barnum

“This is it every day!”

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13Seung Yeon Son

A twisted-and-coiled low bun adds an air of “cool girl” mystery to this downtown diva’s look.

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