body & fitness

body & fitness

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Jennifer Love Hewitt shares her tips for pregnancy beauty and confidence with YouBeauty.

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Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shows us how to tighten and tone with no equipment required — all the moves use nothing more than your body weight.

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Deodorant is a contentious subject these days. It’s tough to separate the hype from the facts when it comes to the link between antiperspirant...

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Draya Michele is using her entrepreneurial skills to help every woman feel hot in a bikini — a goal we can totally get behind!

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FLOTUS is seriously fit.

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Thirteen easy, anyone-can-do-them tips to help the exercise-phobic weight.

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"Fat" means "Fabulous And Tasty" for this YouTube star!

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As Jenner shares his story in E!'s special "About Bruce," transgender icon Laverne Cox praises his "powerful" honesty.

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Nothing ruins a LBD quicker than a big ol' streak of deodorant at the pits.

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The pop star shares the ways she's pulled herself up and found health and happiness again.

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No more excuses for not wearing sunscreen, okay?

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Could pricking needles into her skin cure this author's crippling anxiety?

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Clooney fielded a beauty question not normally asked of celebrity men!

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