body & fitness

body & fitness

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Spoiler: you're not.

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It's urine, not chlorine, that makes your eyes sting in the pool!

workout playlists

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There's nothing worse than breaking a sweat right at the moment your playlist chooses to shuffle out "A Whole New World." Depending on your mood and your...

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Regular workouts have enormous health benefits. But extreme exercise can be downright dangerous.

Denise Bidot cellulite swimsuit campaign

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Swimsuit model Denise Bidot is #NotSorry for showing off her cellulite in Swimsuits For All's latest body-positive campaign.

Kimberly Henderson via Facebook

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Mother-of-four Kimberly Henderson showed off her "perfect body" with a proud, unedited bikini selfie that showed off her stretch marks.

AntiGravity Suspension Fitness

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You'll lift your own body weight using your hammock – easier than it sounds, I promise, and way more fun than strength training with weights.

fat cat

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The findings confirm weight gain in Americans has grown steadily (no pun intended) over the last 20 years.

upper lip waxing

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Waxing your upper lip shouldn't mean ruining the bathroom floor. Here's how to tidy up your hair removal accidents with expert tips.

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sunscreen to prevent skin cancer

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Keep your skin healthy with the ABDCE rule!

UnREAL Lifetime Natasha Wilson

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Surprise! Reality TV isn't as real as we all thought.

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Spoiler: you're not.

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