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  • Thigh_gap_50

    Why You’ll Never Have Thigh Gap—And That’s OK

    When it comes down to it, you can't change your skeleton.

  • Lauren_bacall_style_icon_50

    A Tribute to Lauren Bacall, Beauty & Style Icon

    No one did sultry as well as you.

  • Women_posture_50

    Would You Wear This Crazy Contraption for Perfect Posture?

    Stacking books on your head just isn't a realistic option. This is.

  • Body_shaming_550

    Shame on the Shamers: How You Can Fight Fat Shaming, Skinny Shaming and Everything In Between

    Beat 'em, don't join 'em.

  • Downtown_abbey_50

    The Downton Diet: How Watching 'Downton Abbey' Curbs Overeating

    Eat like an aristocrat.

  • Running_wrong_50

    8 Signs You're Running Wrong

    Beginners and seasoned runners alike need to be wary of making these mistakes.

  • Sunglasses_face_shape_50

    This Summer's Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

    Protect your peepers and flatter your face with chic shades.

  • Feminism_50

    Feminism May Help You Like Your Body

    Maintain a healthy body image with these six tips.

  • Fitnesss_5

    Fitness Basics: The "Must-Dos"

    Tracy Hafen explains exercise basics for the beginner or pro.

  • Benefits_standing_50

    The Secret to Living Longer (You’ll Want to Read This Standing Up)

    Research shows promising ways it could help save your life.

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