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  • Genital_mutilation_50

    Female Circumcision Is Happening in America

    This horrific practice is still harming young girls in the states and abroad.

  • Mothers_day_50

    6 Awesome Finds for Mother’s Day

    Whether your mom's a world-traveler or a bookworm, our style expert has the perfect gift.

  • Vagina_questions_50

    10 Questions About Your Vagina, Answered

    Get the answer to everything you've been wondering, but have been to afraid to ask.

  • Treadmill_sprint_workout_50

    Burn Fat in 17 Minutes

    Take your treadmill workout to the next level with this high-intensity sprint interval workout.

  • Dress_to_imress_50

    The World's Best Excuse to Go Shopping

    We promise, you won't regret it—even after the credit card bill arrives.

  • Hand_mirror_50

    It’s Hand Mirror Day!

    Vagina Month was so good the first time, we’re going down there again.

  • Fat_talk_50

    Fat Talk: Ditch This Bad Habit

    Ever utter the words, "I look so fat?" Here, an inside look into why we talk smack about our bodies.

  • Obesity_epidemic_50

    Is Obesity a Bigger Problem Than We Thought?

    If you're just focused on BMI, it may be leading you in the wrong direction. See what the research says.

  • 50_img_2074_childspose

    Video: Child's Pose a Day Keeps the Sleep Specialist Away

    Follow along with yoga instructor Kristin McGee to banish insomnia.

  • Saccesories_50

    5 Bright and Beautiful Spring Accessories

    Add a pop of color and touch of personality to your springtime wardrobe with these accessories.

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