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  • How_pick_gym_50

    How to Shop for a Gym

    The 10 questions you need to ask before you sign your next gym membership!

  • Lose_weight_keep_off_t

    Lose Weight and Keep It Off

    Losing weight vs. keeping it off require different strategies. Find your plan here.

  • No_more_excuses_thm

    8 Reasons You're Not Working Out + How to Overcome Them

    Drop those lame reasons you’re not working out! Here's how.

  • Cocktail_dresses_50

    New Year’s Eve Cocktail Dresses for Your Body Shape

    Ring in the New Year with these flattering frocks.

  • Holiday_stress_50

    Holiday F-Bombs: Food & Family

    Strategies to help you diffuse the pressure and protect your self-esteem.

  • Buddy_bench_50

    What to Do When You’re Sad: Lessons From a Second Grader

    Introducing a Buddy Bench system for grownups.

  • Heathers_50

    Honoring the Girl Code

    Use your girl power for good, not evil.

  • Women_tattoos_50

    Would You Tattoo?

    Thinking about inking? Why more women are getting tats today.

  • Body_confidence_50

    3-Step Body-Confidence Makeover

    Believe it or not, you can change how you feel about your body—without changing your body at all.

  • Fat_letter_50

    A Recipe for Body Image Disaster

    Handing out "fat letters" at school? This public health measure could cause permanent self-esteem damage.

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