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  • Pubic_grooming_t

    Vagina Grooming Do's and Don'ts

    Tips to make your next wax or shave safe and pain-free.

  • 50_fat_think

    Do You Think Fat?

    Our Self-Image Expert, Heather Quinlan, asks: When a stranger looks at you, what do you think they're thinking?

  • Ask_scientist_sweat_50

    Ask a Scientist: What Is Sweat Made Of?

    Find out what pee and perspiration have in common.

  • Ask_a_scientist_stretch_workout_t

    Ask a Scientist: Should I Stretch Before Working Out?

    Reaching over to the right, then over to the left of the to-stretch-or-not-to-stretch debate.

  • Yellow_nails_t

    Ask a Scientist: Does Nail Polish Turn Your Nails Yellow?

    Fingernails looking funky? Find out if the color of your mani is to blame.

  • Default_thumbnail_beauty_mark

    BMI Guide

    Quickly calculate if you’re underweight, a healthy weight, overweight or obese.

  • Nail_types_t

    What's Your Nail Type?

    Find out which unique shapes could be signs of an underlying issue.

  • Breakups_t

    The Truth About Cheaters: It’s Not You, It’s Him

    Victims of cheating often worry it was their fault. Well, guess what. It wasn’t.

  • Pastel_clothing_t

    How to Pull Off Pastels

    Don't let these light, summery shades scare you away. Here's how to wear them.

  • Ballet-beautiful-bridge_50x50_thumbnail

    Quest for a Ballet Body: The Butt-Whittling Bridge Exercise

    Our new mom (and closet lazy girl) learns a butt-kicking move, and improves her mindset.

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