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  • Accept_size_thm

    Accept Your Size—and Be Healthy at the Same Time

    Smart lifestyle choices matter more than the numbers on the scale.

  • Fall_handbags_50

    Fall’s 5 Hottest Handbags

    Sack up with the season's best clutches, satchels and more.

  • Body_image_50

    Body Image

    The perfect body? It all comes down to how you see yourself.

  • 50_gabrielle_bernstein

    The Spirit Junkie’s Secret to Loving Your Body

    Four simple steps to better body image. Get the meditation on loving your body.

  • 50_kjerstin_gruys

    No Mirrors For A Year: Could You Do It?

    Kjerstin Gruys is out to prove it's possible, all for the sake of better body acceptance.

  • Ask_a_scientist_butts_t

    Ask a Scientist: Why Do Guys Love Women's Butts?

    The science of why some men are just butt guys.

  • Crunches_t

    Ask a Scientist: Will Crunches Get Rid of the Fat Around My Stomach?

    Find out how to target that trouble tummy territory.

  • Sundresses_50

    Summer Sundresses That Flatter Your Body Shape

    Strut your stuff in a cool and airy sundress.

  • Summer_hats_50

    The Only 4 Hats You’ll Ever Need

    Protect yourself from UV rays with this must-have poolside accessory.

  • Thinspiration_t

    'Thinspiration' Sites: Helpful or Harmful?

    Inspiring yourself to look your best and healthiest is good—idealizing unrealistic body types is not.

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