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  • Muffin_top_thm

    Clothes That Make Your Muffin Top Disappear

    Tricks to keep that unsightly bulge hidden away. We won't tell if you don't.

  • Dressing_body_shape_thm

    Dressing for Your Body Shape

    Insider tips about how to dress for your unique shape.

  • Stop_friend_fat_talking_50

    Six Ways to Stop a Friend From Fat Talking

    You can stop the body bashing with these steps.

  • Lose_body_fat_50

    10 Ways to Lose Fat (With Body Confidence!)

    Why is weight loss so hard to achieve? Because we approach it with the wrong attitude.

  • Fat_stigma_50

    Is Fat-Stigma Skewing Your Weight Perception?

    Do women percieve themselves as heavier than they actually are?

  • Real_women_images_damaging_50

    Pics of Real Women May Be More Harmful Than Helpful

    A new website features photos of real women’s bodies, but it might make you feel worse about yourself...

  • Confidence_project_50

    Love Your Body

    Welcome to The Confidence Project. Get ready to feel amazing.

  • Lose_weight_bra_50

    Look 5 Pounds Thinner (From a Bra!)

    Getting the right bra size can lift you up!

  • Accept_size_thm

    Accept Your Size—and Be Healthy at the Same Time

    Smart lifestyle choices matter more than the numbers on the scale.

  • Fall_handbags_50

    Fall’s 5 Hottest Handbags

    Sack up with the season's best clutches, satchels and more.

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