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  • Acl_injuries_women_t

    Why ACL Injuries Are More Common in Women

    And how to strengthen your knees to ward off a tear.

  • 50_wii

    Exercise or "Exergaming": Which Is More Calorie-Burning?

    Hate the gym but love your Wii Fitness? Learn more about exergaming here!

  • Style_weather_thm

    How to Look Fashionable in Frightful Weather

    Let your style shine through, even on the cloudiest of days.

  • 50_non-toxic_nail_polish

    Non-Toxic Nail Polish Guide

    Find out the potential health hazards that are lurking in your manicure.

  • Glitter_products_adults_thm

    Glitter For Grown Ups

    Shine on this season with tasteful styling tips to bring on the bling.

  • Mckayla-maroney_50x50_thumbnail

    Silver Medal Blues

    Who’s the saddest girl on the podium? Hint: It’s not who you think.

  • Jennie-finch-thmb

    Life After the Olympics: The Breakout Star

    Softball phenom Jennie Finch talks about her life before, during and since the Olympics.

  • Demi-moore-vanity-fair_50x50_thumbnail

    You’re Not Fat, You’re Pregnant (And Other Body Tales)

    Your body should change through life, but not your body image!

  • 50_dog_exercise

    Break a Sweat With Man’s Best Friend

    Our eight tips for fitness with fido!

  • 50_treadmill_desk

    Walk While You Work

    Our Fitness Expert tried the treadmill desk. How well did it work?

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