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  • Tween_wax_thm

    How Young Is Too Young To Wax?

    Tween girls are having their brows, arms, legs and other areas tended to. Too much, too soon?

  • Running_thm

    Running and Your Period: How It Affects Training

    Learn how your monthly visit from Aunt Flo affects your performance.

  • Spring_2013_fashion_t

    5 (Practical!) Ways To Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

    Bolster your wardrobe and transition into spring with these key pieces.

  • Swin_cash_t

    In Honor of March Madness: A WNBA-Inspired Quad Workout

    WNBA star Swin Cash lets us in on her secret to killer quads.

  • Body_image_thm

    Are We Whores or Heroines?

    See what you find when you strip off your clothes.

  • 50_home_strength_training

    Strength Train at Home—No Equipment Required

    Build calorie-burning muscle in the comfort of your living room.

  • Laser_hair_removal_thm

    Your Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal

    The wrong laser can do damage. Do you know the right one for you?

  • Dont_like_workout_t

    If You Hate to Exercise, Should You Do It?

    The negative effects on mental health might outweigh the physical benefits.

  • Everyday_exercize_t

    Everyday Activities Are Just As Good As Hitting the Gym

    Every little moment really adds up, according to a new study.

  • Cutting_thm

    The Truth About Cutting

    Some people hurt themselves to deal with pain. Understand why—and how you can help a friend in need.

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