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  • Style_secrets_thm

    Jacqui Stafford’s Insider Style Secrets

    How to look sensational, every day, for every body type.

  • Ask_scientist_thm

    Ask a Scientist: Is Muscle Soreness Good or Bad?

    There's a difference between feeling the burn of a good workout and burning out from overwork.

  • Woman_lunges_thm

    The Bare Bones Workout

    These few easy exercises are simple and surprisingly effective.

  • Hailey_thm

    A Tribute To Haley

    Overcoming abuse and anorexia: An inspiring tale of self-love and beauty reclaimed.

  • 50_brown_fat

    Brown Fat That Burns…Fat?

    See what the new buzz term "brown fat" means for the future of weight loss.

  • Tweeting_thin_h_thm

    Tweet Yourself Thin

    How you could lose weight in 140 characters or less.

  • Microbeads_thm

    Too Embarrassed To Try That New Fitness Class?

    Hesitant to try that new workout class? We help you take the plunge in five easy steps!

  • Hangover_fixes_thm

    Beauty Secrets for the Morning After

    Look better than you feel! Get the insider tips.

  • 50_skinny_jeans

    Should You Toss Your “Skinny” Jeans?

    Experts explain the psychology behind holding onto the clothes that don't fit.

  • Ask_scientist_thm

    Ask a Scientist: Does Metabolism Slow Down in the Winter?

    If you think you're just storing up until spring, read this now.

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