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  • Walking_egg_shells_50

    Why Walking on Eggshells Is Ruining Your Relationship

    It's time to stop censoring yourself. Now.

  • Orange_new_black_vagina_50

    A Better Vagina Diagram Than You Saw on 'Orange Is the New Black'

    Too bad Sophia didn't have these pretty illustrations!

  • Masala_workout_50

    Last Night’s Workout: Bollywood Dance Aerobics

    Get your sweat on, and pick up a few traditional dance moves, too!

  • Wedding_gowns_50

    When Did a White Wedding Gown Become a Symbol of Virginity?

    Its association with purity is far removed from the white gown's true origins.

  • Nail-tips_50x50_thumbnail

    The Science of a Perfect Manicure: How to Score a Perfect 10

    Beautify your nails—at home.

  • Body_flip_book_50

    Why Is It So Hard to Love Your Body After Having a Baby?

    Our health editor shares how she finally learned to accept her post-baby body.

  • Exercise_all_day_50

    How To Exercise All Day

    It’s easier than you think to squeeze exercise into your packed schedule.

  • Toned_arms_50

    The Single Best Exercise for Toned Arms, Says Science

    Get ready to wave goodbye to flabby arms!

  • Your_feet_are_gross_50

    Your Feet Are Gross—Get Them Ready for Summer

    We're not trying to foot shame you...but chances are you need this.

  • Ellitical_50

    2 Elliptical Workouts That Burn Crazy Calories

    Whip your body into shape in mere minutes with high-intensity sprint interval training.

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