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  • Work_wardrobe_thm

    Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe

    Can the right clothes help you land a job or get promoted? Fashion for your body shape certainly helps!

  • 50_img_2043_warrior2

    Video: Yoga Pose a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Cool yoga videos! Follow Kristin McGee as she demonstrates the best yoga poses for healthy beauty.

  • Ballet_beautiful_leg_lift_50x50_thumbnail

    Quest for a Ballet Body: Reverse Leg Lift

    Get a tight, whittled butt with this super-effective ballet move from ballerina Mary Helen Bowers.

  • 50_body_type_exercises

    Best Workouts for Your Body Type

    Learn the best workouts for your body type—and get great results!

  • People-pleaser_thm

    Are You a People Pleaser?

    If you make others happy at all costs, you may do serious damage to yourself. Our expert explains.

  • 50_exercise

    Fitness Basics: The "Must-Dos"

    Tracy Hafen explains exercise basics for the beginner or pro.

  • Ballet-beautiful-side-leg-lift_50x50_thumbnail

    Quest for a Ballet Body: Jiggly Thigh-Busting Ballerina Leg Lift

    This week's move targets the outer thighs, replacing jiggly areas with muscles. (Yes it's possible.)

  • 50_sports_bra

    The Best Sports Bra for Your Shape

    Learn tips to get the best fit and have more comfortable workouts.

  • 50_breast_size

    Super Shocking Study: Men Like Breasts

    Learn the small caveat about committed versus promiscuous men.

  • 50_wedding_dress_body_shapes

    Best Wedding Dresses for Your Body Shape

    Get the most flattering wedding dress for your unique body shape!

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