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  • Ask_scientist_thm

    Ask a Scientist: Does Crossing Your Legs Cause Varicose Veins?

    An expert untwists this gnarly problem. Are you sitting down?

  • Normal_labia_t

    Do Your Labia Look Normal?

    Hint: Your idea of "normal" is probably way off.

  • 50_body_shape_guide

    Body Shape Guide

    Are you an hourglass or a ruler? Your guide to deciphering your body shape.

  • Vaginal_reconstruction_thm

    Southern Comfort

    Is vaginal rejuvenation the new nose job? Here's what's up, down there.

  • Minimal_running_shoes_t

    Set Your Feet Free With Minimalist Running Shoes

    Could less-supportive sneaks be the answer to reducing ankle and foot injuries?

  • Spring_2013_fashion_body_type_t

    Spring 2013 Fashion Trends for Your Body Shape

    Your unique shape can look amazing in the season's hottest runway styles.

  • Woman-gym-mirror_50x50_thumbnail

    Pounds Lost—But Not Forgotten

    Even after slimming down, some people find it hard to shed the psychological weight of having been heavy.

  • Tween_wax_thm

    How Young Is Too Young To Wax?

    Tween girls are having their brows, arms, legs and other areas tended to. Too much, too soon?

  • Running_thm

    Running and Your Period: How It Affects Training

    Learn how your monthly visit from Aunt Flo affects your performance.

  • Spring_2013_fashion_t

    5 (Practical!) Ways To Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

    Bolster your wardrobe and transition into spring with these key pieces.

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