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  • Thanksgiving_clothes_50

    4 Comfy (but Cute) Outfits to Wear on Thanksgiving

    These key pieces will keep you stylish (and comfy!) while you're stuffing your face.

  • Dailey_method_50

    Last Night's Workout: Jill Dailey's Heart-Pumping Interval Class

    Improve your posture, get killer abs and thighs, and improve your heart health all in 45 minutes!

  • Nail_strengthening_products_50

    Strengthen Your Weak-Ass Nails

    Avoid these common factors that wreck havoc on your nails. Plus, products that will make them stronger!

  • Baby_foot_50

    The Foot Exfoliator That'll Disgust You—And Then Turn You Into an Addict

    Say hello to your brand new, baby-soft feet.

  • Bowka_50

    Last Night's Workout: Bokwa Dance Aerobics for the Non-Dancer

    Want to try a dance fitness class but not too confident in your moves? This class is for you.

  • Hosiery_50

    Slimming and Flattering Hosiery Tricks for Your Body Shape

    Get ready to show off your legs this winter with these totally flattering and on-trend tights.

  • High_heels_50

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About High Heels

    Here's some important info about what your stilettos are doing to your body.

  • Bare_ease_beauty_intel_t

    Beauty File: Bare Ease Numbing Kit for a Painless Bikini Wax

    Avid waxers, meet your new best friend.

  • Tracy_hafen_mastectomy_50

    What They Don’t Tell You About Preventive Mastectomies

    It might save you from breast cancer, but there are still some cons to this elective surgery.

  • Ask_scientist_muscle_knots_50

    Ask a Scientist: What Are Muscle Knots?

    All you need to know to work out the kinks.

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