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  • Gwen_stefani_50

    Relax, Internet—Gwen Stefani Wasn't Body Shaming!

    We think this...is bananas.

  • Sexy_red_50

    The Color of Sexy

    Red is undeniably the sexiest color (according to science!). Crank up your attraction level here.

  • Sexy_back_t

    Get a Sexy Back

    Follow these three steps to get your best back ever.

  • American_apparel_mannequins_bush_t

    Science, American Apparel Support Bush

    The science of sporting pubic hair.

  • Yogurt_story_image_50

    Study: Probiotics Key to Losing Weight (and Keeping It Off)

    A new study shows that probiotics might be a powerful tool in your weight-loss arsenal.

  • Loungewear_50

    Warm Up With Cozy Loungewear

    YouBeauty Style Expert Jacqui Stafford shares her favorite picks.

  • Cameron_diaz_book_50

    5 Tips From Cameron Diaz That Will Change How You Think About Your Body

    The star gives her top tips for staying healthy, happy, confident and true to yourself.

  • Hoopnotica_50

    Last Night's Workout: Lose Weight by Hula Hooping

    Make working out fun again with Hoopnotica's hula hooping fitness programs.

  • Cold_thin_50

    Can Cold Weather Help Boost Weight Loss?

    New research gives us a reason to be thankful for colder weather.

  • Superpowers_50

    8 Superpowers You Didn't Know You Had

    Put them to work for a happier, healthier you.

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