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  • 50_ballet_beautiful

    Get a Longer, Leaner Body: Win 6 Weeks of Training with Ballet Beautiful's Mary Helen Bowers

    Overhaul your body with Natalie Portman's trainer for "Black Swan," from the comfort of your own home!

  • 50_img_2071_pigeon

    Video: Pigeon Pose a Day Keeps the Gynecologist Away

    Follow along with yoga instructor Kristin McGee for a hip-opening pose.

  • 50_stay_slim

    Obesity Rates Rising: Four Ways to Stay Slim

    U.S. obesity rates will hit 42 percent by 2030. Here's what to do today to not become a statistic.

  • 50_lose_ten_percent

    Can You Lose 10 Percent?

    Find out how you can lose 10% of your body weight for dramatic health and beauty benefits.

  • 50_waking_up

    Three Things You Should Do When You Wake Up

    Three daybreak tips to have a day with less stress and more physical and emotional awareness.

  • 50_fitness_gifts

    Give the Gift of Fitness

    Fitness Expert Tracy Hafen helps you out!

  • 50_michelle_williams

    Stars Who Make Weight Gain Look Good

    These five celebs gained weight for a role and looked incredible.

  • 50_beginner_yoga

    What is Yoga? Yoga Poses for Beginners

    Find the right yoga practice for you.

  • Ask_scientist_thm

    Ask a Scientist: What is Cellulite, Really?

    The YouDocs tackle our first beauty Q & A!

  • Foot_type_thm

    What’s Your Foot Type?

    Don't let your footfall be your downfall.

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