Your Cool Weather Closet Overhaul

Start here to rock your winter wardrobe.

| October 18th, 2011
Your Cool Weather Closet Overhaul

As colder weather approaches, and the reality of summer’s end sets in, it’s time to buck up and consider a semi-annual closet turn over. I know this sounds like a bad fashion magazine cliché (not to mention a huge chore) but cleaning and organizing your closet every six months is a necessary evil that will lean out your wardrobe and help you get dressed faster and more efficiently for the upcoming season. So it’s out with the spring and summer staples and in with fall favorites like outerwear, knits, and maybe a trendy new purchase or two? Here are my top tips to help you get it all together and maximize Your Style…


  • Start by weeding out anything you haven’t worn in over a year. I know you’ve heard this one a million times, but if these items aren’t in play in your wardrobe after 12 months, chances are they won’t be again. This is especially true with old or worn shoes.
  • Make three piles:
  1. Sell: Some of your gently worn clothing and accessories can fetch you a pretty penny at your local resale shop, especially those items that still have the tags on them.
  2. Donate: Donate anything you know you probably won’t be able to sell. 
  3. Toss: Overly worn clothing or anything that can’t be donated should be tossed or recycled for use as household rags.

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  • Stash away the summer and spring items you know you won’t be wearing during the cooler months. 
  1. Before you store them away, make sure your important pieces are washed or cleaned. Food stains are also food for moths and other bugs.
  2. The best way to store items in a breathable fabric box or bag made of natural fabrics like muslin. This will allow air to flow through your garments and prevent mold and mildew.
  3. Never store or hang your clothes in plastic dry cleaning bags, they attract moisture that can damage your clothing.
  4. If you have the space, store your summer goods in another closet or under the bed. Cool dark places are always best.


  • I like to shop my closet like I shop a store, so I create a closet that is organized for the way I dress. Try separating your hanging items into three sections: Grab-and-Go Basics, Novelty Items and Outerwear. 
  1. Grab and go basics are those tried and true pieces you use to build your outfits around, or those items you tend to wear day to day.

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