Your Cool Weather Closet Overhaul

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| October 18th, 2011

These are items you know will always work and they don’t require extra thought or planning when you get dressed. 

  1. Novelty items are special tops, bottoms, or dresses that stand out and take your outfit to the next level. These may be items you wear less often so it’s great to keep them separate from your basics. 
  2. Blazers, jackets, toppers, heavier knits and outerwear should have their own place in your fall closet. If you have the extra space, keep extra heavy outerwear pieces and long jackets in a separate closet. 

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  • If you came to my house you’d find a double hook on the back of every door, in every room. I find them indispensible for laying out outfits, hanging oddly shaped items, and keeping recently worn clothes off the floor. 
  • Slim line hangers are your new best friends. They are slip proof, make your hanging items more uniform and take up a small amount of space—plus having all the same hangers make everything look neat and great.
  • Your closet is your own, and nobody knows it better than you. Spend 10 minutes online looking for organizers, racks, bags and storage boxes that suit your specific needs, and you’ll be amazed at how you can redesign your closet to maximize space and create a beautifully organized room.

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  • If possible you should always fold your knits. This prevents stretching and pilling that can occur when knits are hung and packed into a tight closet. 
  • Definitely consider the use of cedar blocks and other natural solutions to keep the moths off and away from your favorite knits
  • Wash your cashmere! Believe it or not, hand washing your cashmere sweaters is the best way to keep them fresh and soft. Chemicals in dry cleaning can strip and damage your knits. Use a drop of delicate detergent, wash in cold, reshape and dry flat.


  • If you’re not into photographing your shoes and labeling their boxes, IKEA sells my favorite solution. They’re fabric boxes with a mesh window at the end so you can see what’s inside. They’re super inexpensive, stack neatly, and keep your shoes free from dust.
  • If you can’t afford to buy shoetrees to keep your shoes and boots in shape, try using some crumpled sheets of tissue or packing paper. If it’s good enough for the $700 a pair shoes from high end department stores, it’ll be just fine for your shoes!
  • I like to store all my flip-flops, and summer sandals on an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer. It’s a great way to keep up to 12 pairs of shoes clean and off the floor all winter long. 
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