Physical activity and breast cancer risk in women aged 20–54 years

The Researchers: Janneke Verloop, et al., from the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Published In: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 92(2), pp.128-135, 2000


Exercise lowers breast cancer risk.


Here’s a reason to don that sports bra and get moving: Exercise lowers your risk of breast cancer.

Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute studied physical activity among 918 women with breast cancer and 918 women without, in early and later life.

Women who were physically active during work and recreation had a 39 percent lower breast cancer risk than those who were inactive. Overall, being physically active at any point in their lives reduced women’s risk of breast cancer by 30 percent. That’s huge!

Make a gym date, take a walk or run around with your dog at the park—exercise is your new breast friend (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Beauty connection

If the thought of running a mile makes you want to crawl into bed, heed this: You can reap the same breast cancer-reducing benefits as pro athletes as long as you move your body. Recreational activities like gardening, walking and dancing can be as helpful as vigorous workouts. Plus, you’ll see instant beauty benefits as increased circulation gives your cheeks a gorgeous glow.

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