Tips for First Time Yogis

What to expect at your first yoga class and how to get through it like a champ.

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| September 9th, 2011

And while I'm no yogi, I've learned a few tricks through my practice:

1. Yoga is not a competition. Bouncing off Kay Kay's first tip, yoga is your practice. Don't worry if the person next to you is jumping into a handstand while you're still trying to master downward dog. Yoga is a practice that takes time you learn, but you'll still receive the mind-body benefits by just showing up and trying.

2. A lot of times yoga instructors will call out what pose to move into by its name (sometimes in Sanskrit). Don't worry and don't be intimidated! Just follow their example (or that of the people in front of you). There's no need to learn the different pose names, you'll learn them by practicing regularly.

To help you ease into your first class, I got Kay Kay to share how to do a downward dog (it's a staple in most yoga practices) so you can practice at home. Then try these fun yoga for beginners moves!

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"Down Dog is like creating an upside down V with your body. Start in a plank position, hands are shoulder width apart, arms are straight and strong. Move the hips high to the sky. Thighs are moving back, heels are drawing down to the floor. Don't worry if they don't touch the floor, it's not important and it doesn't make you a bad yogi."

Namaste! (It's a yoga salutation said at the end of class and can be translated to mean, "The divine spirit in me bows to the divine spirit it you." If it's too "woo woo" for you, just think of it as a way to acknowledge the good in others. PS- it's pronounced na-mas-stay.

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