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Is vaginal rejuvenation the new nose job? The practice is booming and women say it gives them sexual confidence. Here's what's up, down there.

vaginal reconstruction

Had Nora Ephron—the celebrated author who penned a tome about hating her aging neck—lived for another 10 years, would she have written a lament about her… vagina?

Possibly, given the latest trend in vaginal rejuvenation. If the ‘90s cosmetic surgery procedure of choice was the nose job and the early aughts were fraught with breast augmentations, then the 2010’s have heralded an interesting (if somewhat perplexing) new fascination with altering the pubic area. And much like schnoz work and boob jobs, this new trend seems to appeal to both young and old.

“I would say 60-70 percent of my patients are in their mid-20s,” says Dr. Christine Hamori, a Boston-based plastic surgeon. “There are a few teens who come in with their mom, but most are adult, educated women—nurses and lawyers—not strippers. I’ve done maybe one exotic dancer, but it’s not like the breast implant craze.”

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Blame the rise of the Brazilian bikini wax. Dr. Hamori speculates that all this vaginal fascination may have something to do with the fact that women are confronted by their lovely lady parts in a way that historically has never occurred before. “Grooming habits have changed,” she notes. “With hair removal, women are seeing their anatomy more and making aesthetic judgments about it. Athletes experience rubbing and chafing. There’s an awareness that simply wasn’t there before.” As she enthusiastically points out, these days, no one under the age of 30 has an untrimmed hedge.

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Whether it's grooming habits, exposure to Victoria Secret models in their sheer skivvies, or the social acceptance of cosmetic alteration in general, there's no question women are becoming self-conscious about so-called “abnormalities”—that is, unevenness or largeness (cough) regarding what’s between their legs.

So what has this Pandora’s box, so to speak, opened anyway? While the scope of vaginal rejuvenation ranges from the vaginoplasty (which aims to tighten), or the sexual sensitivity-enhancing G-spot amplification, the top procedure is the labiaplasty. An aesthetic procedure, it’s essentially a nip and trim of the labia minora to keep it from peeking out beyond the labia majora when standing upright. The goal is to improve symmetry.

In a society that places a high value on youth, it’s no wonder that the au courant aesthetic happens to resemble that of a prepubescent girl: The procedure cuts the labia down so it’s less visible, which is an undeniably child-like trait.

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