8 Reasons You're Not Working Out + How to Overcome Them

How to drop those lame reasons you’re not working out and stick to your commitment to shape up.

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| January 9th, 2013

“I can’t get motivated.”

“Research has found that people who succeed at resolutions have a few things in common—they tend to have a support network,” says Norcross. A friend who’s also into fitness is key—you’ll be less likely to flake on hitting the gym when you know she’s holding a bike for you at spin class. Another option: Try a virtual trainer. Wello.co is a new fitness service that sets you up with a certified trainer via a live, two-way web cam. Sessions begin at $19 for 30 minutes or $35 for 60 minutes, and trainers will work with you to set up a workout plan for the days you’re not meeting online.

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Another tactic that people who succeed at resolutions have in common? They have a fitness routine in place. If your workout habits have been haphazard in the past, consider trying a virtual coaching program like PEAR. This mobile app coaches you through your iPhone, giving you a specific workout to follow and eliminating the need for you to always come up with your own workout plan.

“I have little ones at home and don’t want to get a babysitter.”

Mom and baby fitness classes, ranging from baby boot camp to yoga and Pilates are popping up around the country. Bringing a whole new meaning to “baby weight,” these classes often have you incorporating your infant into key exercises. Search for classes near you, such as Mommy and Me Fitness and Stroller Strides or look for “Mommy and Me” fitness videos on YouTube.

“I travel too much.”

In the past, working out at a hotel meant hoping you could snag a spot at the one rusty treadmill in the so-called “fitness center.” Nowadays, an increasing number of hotels are making exercise amenities just as essential as Wifi. Kimpton hotels offer on-demand fitness videos. Sheraton hotels offer a workout in a bag, complete with a mat, resistance bands and workout cards that offer circuit suggestions. And Westin hotels offer in-room video workouts and allow you to rent New Balance gear, eliminating the need to shove your sneakers into your over-stuffed suitcase.

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