Yoga Poses

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Yoga Poses

This workout is a process of self-realization. It’s designed to help you feel empowered and build your self-discipline. Follow these guidelines to improve your yoga experience.

  • Never force a pose if you feel a painful strain. Only go where it feels comfortable.
  • If your knees are uncomfortable, use a pillow, rolled towel or blanket as a cushion behind the knee joint (the popliteal area, if you know where that is).
  • Resist locking your elbows.
  • Stand against the wall if a pose makes it difficult to balance. Balance may differ from day to day. Imbalance during poses may reflect imbalances in other aspects of your life.

1) Standing Twist (Warms up spine; loosens body)
With your feet shoulder-width apart (mountain pose) and your knees slightly bent with relaxed arms, twist you upper body loosely from side to side. Breathe normally for 30 seconds.

2) Standing Leaning Stretch (Opens lower back and obliques)
Interlace your fingers and turn your hands palm side up above your head. Inhale deeply and exhale as you stretch to the right. Inhale and return to center, and exhale to the left. Repeat five times.

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3) X (Warms up upper body)

With your feet in mountain pose (feet together), bring your straight arms up to the ceiling in a V shape, with the palms facing each other. Inhale. On the exhale, cross your hands in front of your face, bringing your hands to shoulder height with the palms facing you. Inhale. Then, exhale and cross your arms again, switching the arm closest to you. This exhale should be sharp and come from your navel. Alternate your arms and proceed for 90 seconds.

4) Ladybug (Opens upper back, neck and lungs)
Inhale deeply and place your fingertips on your shoulders with your elbows out to your sides, in line with your shoulders. Keeping your fingers on your shoulders, bring your elbows out in front on the exhalation. Keep exhaling and drop your head. Bend forward at the neck, and look down to your toes. On the inhale, come back to elbows out to side. Repeat five times.

5) Tightrope (Helps with balance; strengthens ankles)
With your feet in mountain pose, bring your hands palm side up out to your sides at shoulder height. Lift your heels from the ground and balance on your toes. Hold this for 30 seconds, taking deep breaths from your navel up into your chest. Want a challenge? Do it with your eyes closed.

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