Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

The original purpose of YouBeauty.com was to help people better understand their beauty and health through science.

We strive to produce content of the highest quality and integrity. We realize that your experience on our website is the basis of your trust and our reputation. Our journalistic standards are high and our editing process is rigorous.

We base our quizzes on proven science. We have adapted most quizzes from scales that research institutions and universities have created and validated through research. These authors and institutions have granted us permission to use their scales. In areas of beauty where scales do not exist, we’ve created our own based on proven science.

The source of each quiz is clearly listed on its intro page. Read more about quiz types. At the end of each quiz, we present you with results, information about what your results mean to your beauty and health, and action steps to improve or sustain your results.

Our editorial team writes this content. We base all action steps on published studies that have been assessed for their validity. Our editorial team and professional freelance journalists write the articles that appear on YouBeauty and our editorial team edits and fact-checks them.

Our Scientific Advisory Board reviews our articles to ensure accuracy. No person or brand can pay to be featured in YouBeauty editorial. We only write about products on the website that are reviewed and approved by our editors and experts for the sound science behind them.