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  • Brushes_50

    How to Use a Fan Brush

    And two other weird makeup brushes you have no idea what to do with.

  • Blush_how_to_50

    3 Things Everyone Who Wears Blush Needs to Know

    Application is key to achieve the perfect rosy-cheeked look.

  • Beauty_tricks_50

    4 Surprising Makeup Tricks You Need to Try

    Our Makeup Expert shares the best beauty tips she's learned from clients, family and friends.

  • Eyeliner_tutorial_50

    A Sneaky Eyeliner Trick to Make Your Eyes Pop

    All it takes is a little smooshing.

  • 90s_beauty_50

    These 90s Beauty Products You Loved Are Alive—And Better Than Ever

    And where to get revamped versions of all your old faves.

  • Lipliner_50

    2 Pro Tips That Will Restore Your Faith in Lip Liner

    Putting a modern spin on this 90s staple will make it your new favorite product.

  • Beauty_confidence_50

    Care About Beauty? This Is Why It Makes You Awesome

    Feeling confident? We thought so.

  • Pao_woman_50

    Would You Put This in Your Mouth for a Firmer Face?

    Even the famous spokesperson doesn't seem too convinced.

  • Science_makeup_50

    The Science of Makeup

    Makeup is proven to make women look more attractive. The question is why?

  • Travel_beauty_products_50

    11 Awesome Products That Solve All Your Travel Beauty Problems

    Pack it up, pack it in.

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