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  • Bare_lashes_t

    Makeup Trend to Try: Bare Lashes

    No mascara? (Gasp!) But don't worry: Here's how to embrace and rock the trend.

  • Clinique_cc_cream_t

    Beauty File: Clinique CC Cream For Skin That Shines Bright Like a Diamond

    Put an end to skin discoloration and dullness for good.

  • Woman_sun_thm

    Protect Your Lips with SPF

    Why you want to make sure you keep your lips covered with the best lip protectants.

  • Filler_t

    Filler Up?

    Here's what to look for in a quality injectable, wrinkle-filling procedure.

  • Custom_beauty_products_t

    3 New Ways to Customize Your Beauty Routine

    Create the product of your dreams with these customizable lip, face and nail options.

  • Beauty_experiment_t

    What We All Can Learn From 'The Beauty Experiment'

    Could you boycott beauty for a year? This author did.

  • Woman_shaving_face_thm

    Shaving Face

    Should women raze their faces like men, in the name of better skin?

  • Science_foundation_thm

    The Science of Foundation

    Knowing the technology behind your bottle, pot or compact makes looking fresh-faced so much easier.

  • Botox_thm

    The Bottom Line On Botox

    Read this before letting that needle get anywhere near your face.

  • Laser_hair_removal_thm

    Want to Try Laser Hair Removal?

    Learn all there is to know about Laser Hair Removal.

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