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  • Wear_makeup_look_youngertn

    New Research: Wear Makeup, Look Younger

    Research shows us why a little bit of makeup can knock off the years.

  • Tricks_simplify_beauty_routine_thm

    10 Timesaving Beauty Tips

    Shave time off your morning routine and get out the door more quickly and beautifully.

  • Simple_holiday_beauty_tips_thm

    6 Simple Beauty Tweaks For Holiday Sparkle

    A little goes a long way when it comes to looking glamorous this holiday season.

  • Day_night_makeup_50

    4 Tricks to Take Makeup From Day to Night

    Transform your office-appropriate eye makeup into a sultrier, part-ready look.

  • Eye_shapes_50

    All About Eye Shapes

    Try these makeup tips to accentuate your gorgeous eyes.

  • Armani_cc_lipstick_50

    Beauty File: The First CC Lipstick

    This revolutionary lipstick wraps the benefits of a lip color and balm all up into one tube.

  • Full_brows_50

    Why Full Brows Are Always In

    Hint: Science says so. Which means you need to stop over-plucking ASAP.

  • Thyroid_cancer_50

    True Story: Coming to Terms With Cancer

    Our makeup expert offers been-there advice for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

  • Ilia_makeup_50

    Living Her Dream: Sasha Plavisc of Ilia Beauty

    We got the scoop from this beauty entrepreneur on how she successfully broke into the industry.

  • Double_chin_50

    Controversial New Injectable Claims To Cure Double Chin

    Our expert weighs in on the potential benefits and safety concerns.

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