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  • Ilia_makeup_50

    Living Her Dream: Sasha Plavisc of Ilia Beauty

    We got the scoop from this beauty entrepreneur on how she successfully broke into the industry.

  • Double_chin_50

    Controversial New Injectable Claims To Cure Double Chin

    Our expert weighs in on the potential benefits and safety concerns.

  • Fashoin_makeup_50

    Top 3 Fashion + Makeup Combos from New York Fashion Week

    These makeup looks are the perfect compliments to each fashion trend. Here's why they work.

  • 0917_makeup_tips_50

    3 Surprising Makeup Tips From New York Fashion Week

    Step up your application skills with these professional tricks we learned backstage.

  • Glossy_rocker_eyes_50

    Micro-Trend Alert: Glossy Rocker Eyes

    Channel your inner Joan Jett with a dash of Cher.

  • Makeupswap_50

    Fall Makeup Challenge

    Two YB editors dare each other to try each other's polar opposite makeup routines on for size.

  • 5_ways_look_younger_50

    5 Ways Makeup Can Instantly Make You Look Younger

    Anti-age your face with these simple, insider makeup tricks.

  • Lazy_girl_makeup_guide_50

    The Busy Girl's Guide to Makeup

    Getting ready in the morning is quick and painless with these multitasking products.

  • Beautiful_woman_thm

    What Makes a Face Beautiful?

    (Pssst...Makeup can help too!)

  • Bright_makeup_50

    The Bright Stuff

    Simple tips for rocking a bold liner, cheek or lip.

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