Find Your Perfect Eyelash Curler

Find Your Perfect Eyelash Curler

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True, they can be a little scary looking, but lash curlers are must-have for anyone worth her beauty salt. After all, what else can make you look sexier and more awake in 10 seconds flat?  Check out our lash curler round-up and find the best one for you.

Compact curler

Courtesy of Sephora
Sephora Ultimate Curler To Go

Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Lash-curler-phobics

Try: Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler or Sephora Ultimate Curler To Go

If you’ve never curled your lashes before, typical metal curlers can seem a little intimidating. Plastic travel curlers, on the other hand, look a little less like a torture device you’d see on “Game of Thrones”—and they’re actually a great choice for lash curling novices. “The plastic is safer and easier to handle than metal, especially if you’re just starting out,” says New York City makeup artist Josephine Keo. “You can compress the curler over and over and not clip your skin as easily versus a metal curler.” The only downside: Plastic doesn’t pack as powerful a curling punch as metal, so it may take longer to get the curl you want. “Plastic curlers take a little more work than metal,” Keo notes. “So depending on how curled you want your lashes to be, you’ll have to keep compressing the curler.”

Courtesy of BeautySage
Japonesque Heated Lash Curler

Heated wand curler

Best for:

  • Short, sparse or hard-to-curl lashes
  • Anyone with lash extensions
  • Those who can’t shake the habit of applying mascara then curling

Try: Japonesque Heated Lash Curler or Dior Diorshow Heat Lash Curler

If your lashes are impossible to curl (or you’re a tiny-lashed type who’s sick of getting pinched by metal curlers) you might want to try heating things up with a wand-style curler. Just press gently against your lashes and hold until you’ve got the curl you want. “Since it has heat to help with the curling process, you don’t have to work as hard,” says Keo. Heated wand curlers are also the best choice for those with lash extensions or fragile lashes, because there’s less risk of breakage compared to daily clamp-downs from a metal curler. Keep in mind you still have to take care when curling, though. “Compare it to a curling iron for your hair,” says Keo. “With a hot iron barrel, you avoid your scalp. With a heated lash curler, avoid getting too close to your lid.” And although heated wand curlers can be used safely after mascara (no risk of lashes getting stuck and having an omg-what-just-happened moment), most makeup artists still prefer the traditional curl-then-apply-mascara approach. “Using a heated curler after applying mascara can be beneficial, especially if you want to smooth out clumps and separate the lashes, but I prefer using the heated curler first, then mascara. Just like the cool shot on a blow dryer, applying the mascara afterward seals in the curl you got from the heat,” adds Keo.

Courtesy of Mark.
mark. Make Me Lash Curler

Classic metal clamp curler

Best for:

  • Medium to long lashes
  • All-purpose curling
  • Those with steady hands/more experienced lash curlers

Try: Mark. Make Me Lash Curler or Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler

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