Fake a Full Night's Sleep With Blush

Get ready to fall in love with the beautifying power of blush.

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What they are:
The most traditional of the formulas, a powder is probably what you first tried when rummaging through your mother’s makeup stash. These come in a range of finishes, so if you like shimmer, you can glow, and if you prefer perfectly natural, you’ll find a plethora of matte shades too. I also love powders because you can easily amp up creams or stains with a sweep of powder on top for extra oomph.

How to use them:
After you’ve applied your base, powder your face with translucent powder. It’s very important that your face remains dry rather than dewy prior to this application or the powder will catch on slick spots and look streaky. Smile to find the center of your cheeks then use a powder brush (rather than a big, fluffy blush brush) to apply the color to your apples. This will offer more control over where the color lands. I then like to use a clean, fluffier blush brush to buff out the edges in a circular motion.

My favorite product:
The simple formula of a powder blush typically yields a lower price tag! I love Cover Girl Cheekers because they offer a zillion shades and finishes for all skin tones and you can get “color matched” online so you’ll be confident you’re picking the right shade in store even if you can’t open the package.

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