Fighting Fat the Modern Way

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I’m sure there are a few of you who are happy with your figures. The other 250 million adults out there most likely have a little fat that could be trimmed from your tummy… or your thighs…or your neck. Myself included. In fact, despite a decade of Drs. Oz’ and Roizen’s preaching about the merits of weight loss and exercise, we’re in a losing battle against our genes. 

Fighting Fat the Modern Way

To understand why this is, let’s go back in time a little. Way before iphones, before radio and even before the scribes handwrote books. Let’s go back to the time when we hunted in groups and drew paintings in caves. About 10,000 years ago. Back then, after killing some unsuspecting prey, we would stuff ourselves until we couldn’t move. We would eat and eat and eat, because we didn’t know if our next meal would be tonight…or next month. So, the fatter we were, the more likely we were to survive. Of course, we didn’t worry about diabetes, heart disease or cancer, since if infection didn’t kill us by age 20, some other predator would likely make us his meal. And if that didn’t knock us off, then our loss of teeth and vision would signal our end.

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And that brings us back to fat. There’s a reason fat tastes so darn good. That fatty bacon is the most calorically dense substance known to mankind. We’re programmed to like the taste so that the transfer of calories between the prey and the predator is most efficient. Which is exactly why a wolf will eat the fat from a deer first. 

Fast forward to 1983. Hopefully we won’t face a famine again and we are determined to trim off every fat cell in our body. So after dieting and exercising, those last few pounds, the ones intended to save our lives, are the ones that bother us the most. While we squeeze into our jeans and eat salads for dinner, we are defying our genetic destiny. And that is why those last few pounds are so hard to lose. That fat that sits on our hips and thighs, even when we’re so thin our ribs are showing. We’re saving those last few pounds for the time when we won’t see a meal for many days.  And if we have those saddlebags that we hate so much, we may survive.

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