The Busy Girl's Guide to Makeup

These multitasking products will have you looking flawless with very minimal effort.

| August 7th, 2013
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The Busy Girl's Guide to Makeup

All of us want to look good every day—but not all of us have the time or energy to apply our “full face” on the daily. For those feelin’-lazy days, multitasking makeup is your time-saving grace. Whether they offer tons benefits in one swipe or boast convertible formulas to liven up multiple features, these products streamline your primping process without skimping on the results. In fact, they’re so effortless, you may just want make them a part of your regular makeup routine.

Monochrome Lips + Eyes + Cheeks
One trick for quick makeup is using colors that can be applied on your lips, cheeks and even your lids. Pat and blend with your finger for a lively look in seconds.

ILIA Beauty All Of Me Multi-Stick

ILIA Beauty All Of Me Multi-Stick
A watermelon-colored makeup stick for the lips, cheeks and eyes.

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm, Sunkissed

A multitasking makeup stick with coral-peach color for eyes, lips, cheeks, and face.

Christopher Drummond Beauty Pressed Eyeshadow, Innocent

Eyes in an Instant
One coat of mascara or a pop of neutral shadow can do wonders for your look—and it takes just seconds to slap on. (Hint: Mascaras with blue undertones make eyes look brighter, no extra effort required!) No makeup brushes required. Just use your fingers!

ILIA Beauty Asphalt Jungle Mascara 
A natural charcoal mascara infused with eye-brightening blue undertones.

Christopher Drummond Beauty Pressed Eyeshadow, Innocent 
This gold-beige shimmer formula will neutralize the color of your lids and add just a hint of sparkle.

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