Sunglasses for Square Face Shapes

Find the most flattering frames for your face.

Salma Hayek and Demi Moore are textbook examples of a square face. Think broad forehead, a prominent jawline, and a wide chin and cheekbones, all of which add an aura of regality and poise.

“The goal is to soften and balance a strong jawline,” says Kristie Whitford, spokesperson for the Vision Council, an organization that represents manufacturers and suppliers in the optical industry. Look for round, oval or curved frames, which contrast a square-shaped face and provide balance.

Courtesy of the Vision CouncilRounded sunglasses by Tod's.
Sunglasses for Square Face Shapes

Cat-eye sunglasses also compliment an angular face. “Any frame that sits higher on your face will help balance the jawline,” says Sam Saboura, celebrity stylist and YouBeauty Style Expert. Steer clear of boxy frames, which will only exaggerate the squareness of the face.

Here are the best frames for square-shaped faces:
* Rounded sunglasses, such as Tod's sunglasses (picture above), available at Marcolin
* Oval-shaped sunglasses, such as A/X Armani Exchange’s oval frames
* Round-shaped sunglasses, such as Balenciaga’s round shades.
* Vintage-looking cat-eye style sunglasses, such as Ray-Band Vagabond frames.

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Sam Saboura, celebrity stylist and YouBeauty Style Expert Kristie Whitford, spokesperson for The Vision Council

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