What is YouBeauty.com?
YouBeauty.com is a website founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen. Here, beauty isn’t just skin deep. It’s a reflection of your health and wellbeing. There’s real science behind beauty, and we’re here to share it with you. With fun quizzes, articles and discussions, you’ll learn how to look and feel your best. When you do, your most authentic self will shine through. And that’s what being beautiful is really about. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen first dreamed up the idea for YouBeauty with their best-selling book, "You: Being Beautiful." The YouDocs are all about teaching you the science behind the healthy habits that make you feel great, so your inner and outer beauty can shine. Read more about YouBeauty.

How do I sign up for YouBeauty and what does this mean?
Signing up is simple! You provide your email address, a display name and password you’ll use on the site. This will allow you to take our quizzes, access your (private) profile and interact in YouTalk, our discussion section.

What does my YouQ mean?
Your YouQ is the overall score you receive from taking quizzes. The higher your score, the closer you are to expressing your full beauty potential. (Remember: Beauty is a reflection of your health and wellbeing.) Visit our YouQ page to see how we determine your score.

What’s the YouFirst quiz?
This is a quick, intro quiz to help us understand how you currently express your beauty and how you hope to grow. It touches on all the aspects of beauty we cover on the site: Hair, Face, Skin, Body & Fitness, Mind, Health, Nutrition, Relationships and Sleep. You’ll get personalized recommendations for content you’ll love that will help you reach your goals.

Where do the YouQuiz questions come from?
To find the source, check the ‘how we’re measuring it’ section on each quiz intro page. Most of our quizzes are real scientific scales that research institutions and universities have created and validated. The scales are reprinted here with permission. In areas of beauty where scales don’t exist, we’ve created our own based on known science and expert feedback. Not sure what ‘validated’ means? That’s okay! Get the full scoop on the science behind our quizzes.

Can I take a quiz more than once?
Please do! We encourage you to re-take the quizzes as often as you’d like. If you’ve followed your action steps to a T and want to check your progress (or if you just have a hankering to take a quiz again) then by all means, go for it! Your YouQ score will reflect all the times you’ve taken the quiz, so you can see how you’ve grown over time.

Where do my quiz results and action plans come from?
Your quiz score is based on validated research, meaning that scientists have figured out scoring that reflects the most accurate results. If you have any concerns about your score, let us know—we’re always happy to hear from you! Your action plan is unique to your quiz score. Each action step is science-based and expert-approved (by our fab Scientific Advisory Board), so you’re getting top-of-the-line feedback to help you reach your goals. Your quiz results and action steps will show up on your profile page (completely private), where you can view them anytime.

What’s my profile?
This isn’t your run-of-the-mill profile; it’s unique. First of all, it’s 100 percent private. No one can see it but you. Secondly, we do all the work for you—we track your quiz scores, crunch your YouQ number and collect your comments, discussions and favorite articles on YouBeauty. Think of this as your personal beauty hub, or your totally personalized window into your goals, progress and beauty faves.

Who are the YouBeauty Experts and what do they do?
We’ve gathered experts in beauty, health and science, who write columns in YouLearn and chat with you in the YouTalk community. We think they’re pretty great and we think you will too. On a weekly basis, members of our Scientific Advisory Board also work closely with our editorial team to perfect the content we deliver to you.

What is YouLearn?
YouLearn is YouBeauty’s information hub, where you can read news, in-depth features and expert columns on each of the important aspects of your health and beauty: Hair, Face, Skin, Body & Fitness, Mind, Health, Nutrition, Relationships and Sleep. There’s also a Research section that brings you the science of beauty, straight from the source.

What’s YouTalk?
YouTalk is our discussion board, where you can voice opinions, share tips and start convos on everything related to health, beauty and beyond. Chat with other YouBeauty readers to learn their secrets for looking and feeling gorgeous (and share your secrets too!). If you still have a question, you can ask one of our YouBeauty Experts!

What’s a Daily Aha?
Daily Ahas are fun, interesting tidbits that we’ve come across during our health and beauty research. If you come across one you love, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+!

How do you create content for your site?
Read our Editorial Policy for the specifics on how we create the content that you read on YouBeauty.

What if I have a comment on the site and how it works?
You will see a "feedback" tab on the left side of any page of the website. Click on this to send a comment.

What if my question isn't on the FAQ page?
If you have a question about health and beauty, post it on YouTalk. For specific questions about advertising, press, editorial submissions, writing for us, partnership opportunities or jobs, visit our Contact Us page. You can also make suggestions or voice concerns by sending us feedback via the Feedback button on the left side of the page.