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What are feeds?

Feeds (often referred to as news feeds) allow you to see when websites have added new content. You get the latest stories delivered to you in one place as they are published on our site. That way you don't have to check back to know when we've published something new.

How do I use feeds?

To use YouBeauty feeds, you need one of the following:

A modern web browser:
Most modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera automatically check for feeds when you visit a website. If they find one they display the orange RSS icon They generally allow you to add the feed as a bookmark or favorite, updating with the latest content from that site.
A web based news reader:
A web based news reader lets you add specific feeds and displays any new articles that may have been added. With a web based reader you can catch up on all your favorite feeds from any computer. Some popular examples of web based readers include: My Yahoo , Google Reader , Bloglines and Feedzilla
Desktop news reader:
Similar to a web based reader, except this required you to install software on your computer and can only be accessed from your computer. These days, many email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail include this RSS reader functionality.

YouBeauty Offers the following Feeds

Simply click on the RSS icon next to the name of the feed to subscribe to that YouBeauty feed.

YouBeauty Daily Aha
Subscribe to the Daily Aha feed
Body & Fitness
Subscribe to the Body & Fitness feed
Subscribe to the Face feed
Subscribe to the Hair feed
Subscribe to the Health feed
Subscribe to the Mind feed
Subscribe to the Nutrition feed
Subscribe to the Relationships feed
Subscribe to the Skin feed
Subscribe to the Sleep feed
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