celebrities with visible roots

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Because you have more important things to do than touch up your highlights!

scalp Botox

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Who would have thought Botox could cure your summer hair nightmares?

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Rita Ora has a mullet now — and she's in good company.

bridal hairstyles

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Check out these four easy wedding hairstyles that you can do yourself!

how to handle a bad haircut

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Find out the best way to handle a botched cut with dignity and grace (i.e. NOT throwing an adult tantrum at the salon).

natural dandruff cures

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The author tried every dandruff product out there, but DIY recipes finally made those itchy white flakes go away.

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Mackensie Freeman lives with the urge to pull out her hair strand by strand.

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We explain what's keeping the hair dye industry in business.

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Surprise! She's drop dead gorgeous in real life.

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This British "It Girl" is known for her bold brows, but we're coveting another feature: her versatile hair.

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sunscreen to prevent skin cancer

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Keep your skin healthy with the ABDCE rule!

UnREAL Lifetime Natasha Wilson

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Surprise! Reality TV isn't as real as we all thought.

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Spoiler: you're not.

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