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This Mother's Day, let's take a moment to thank the women who give us our morals, conscience, and style: moms on TV. Sometimes mothers,...

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Super shiny locks should be a girl's most effortless accessory, but with pricy hair masks and crazy in-salon treatments, it can be a bit out of...

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Platinum hair, electric blue eyeliner and a bare booty are heating up newsstands thanks to Rihanna's newest magazine cover.  Bad gal RiRi channeled sexy retro...

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If there's one star we'd like to be friends with in real life, it's funny-girl Sandra Bullock. She's relatable, easy-going, and a down-to-earth mom that...
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Some of us know unicorns from mythology; still others from "Harry Potter." But a new generation of kids will know unicorns from Hollywood —...

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Hilary Duff is on a hair-dyeing rampage. Last month, she dyed her locks 'mermaid' blue. Now, she's dyed her naturally blonde hair a cool-hued gray with shades of...

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She's taking a break from the whole Anastasia Steele look.

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Dyeing your hair at home saves money, but it makes a huge damned mess of your bathroom.

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Her long locks are now aqua-colored "¦for Coachella!

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Julianne Hough's hair is a "unicorn" - and she wants ours to be, too.

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As if you needed a reason to have sex: getting laid more frequently could lead to a fatter bank account. Researchers from the Anglia Ruskin University in...
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The power of the Internet has finally made it so we don't even need to leave our houses to attend a fitness class. Streaming...

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Abigail Breslin has had enough with fat-shaming in Hollywood, especially against her fellow former child star Selena Gomez. Gomez was recently the target of...

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If you were a fan of Disney as a child, then becoming one of the princesses you saw in each fairytale was a top...

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