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  • 3_days_no_shampoo_thm

    Hair Challenge: Go 3 Days Without Washing

    With the right products, it's possible to avoid shampoo for days (and still look great!).

  • Hair_sleep_50

    3 Ways to Do Your Hair While You Sleep

    We talked to the pros to find out how to prep hair at night for minimal morning maintenance.

  • Michelle_williams_dark_brows_50

    How to Own THE Look of the Season: Blonde Hair + Dark Brows

    Tips from the best blonder in the biz, Marie Robinson.

  • Brittle_hair_50

    Bummed Out By Brittle Hair?

    Introducing the terrifying condition known as "bubble hair."

  • Jennifer_lawerence_short_hair_50

    Thinking of Chopping it Off? Do It

    Hairstylist Guido urges you to try that fresh crop.

  • 50_reese_witherspoon_hair

    Blonde Hair Color for Your Skintone

    Being blonde can be beautiful, but one shade definitely doesn’t fit all.

  • 50_katy_perry_hair

    Black Hair Color for Your Skintone

    Black hair doesn’t have to lack interest and dimension.

  • Hair_thm

    Going Gray Gracefully

    It's not easy to face the end of your favorite hair color, but with help from celebrity stylists you can.

  • 50_jamie_lee_curtis_hair

    Gray Hair Color for Your Skintone

    Gray hair doesn’t have to be boring or worse, old-lady looking.

  • Beehive_tutorial_50

    How to Do a Beehive

    A step-by-step guide from our hair expert and the stylists at Bumble & Bumble.

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