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  • Grey_hair_cover_50

    Say Goodbye to Grays

    Gray hair be gone! Here's how.

  • Pretty_wave_tutorial_50

    Dirty Hair Style Idea: Pretty Waves

    Your unwashed hair is the perfect canvas for pretty, subtle waves.

  • Hair_brush_learney_doodle_50

    Hair Brush Cheat Sheet: Which One Is Right for You?

    Paddle, round, vented, nylon... let us clear up all the confusion.

  • Trashed_hair_50

    Fix Your Trashed Hair: 7 Rehab Tips for Strong, Shiny Strands

    Summer destroyed your hair? Gone a little hot tool crazy? It's time for some serious repairs.

  • Braided_bun_50

    Dirty Hair Style Idea: Braided Bun

    We love and live for the top knot, but here is an alternative to spice things up.

  • French_girl_texture_50

    Dirty Hair Style Idea: French Girl Texture

    Unfussy but still pretty—and perfect for when you need to hide those ponytail kinks and dents.

  • Air_dry_hair_50

    How to Air Dry Your Hair (So It Actually Looks Good)

    Finding the perfect products for your hair is key.

  • Green_salons_50

    Your Haircut Is Contributing to Global Warming

    But you can stop it.

  • 50_face_shape_celebs

    Hairstyles By Face Shape

    A great cut is a powerful thing. Let your face be your guide to the best look for you.

  • 50_rounded_heart_celebs

    Haircuts for Rounded Heart Face Shapes

    Let your face shape be the guide to the best hairtstyle for you.

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