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  • Underlights_50

    Check Out This Summer's Must-Have Highlights

    You'll want to read this before your next color appointment.

  • 50_liv_tyler_bangs

    Are Blunt Bangs for You?

    This beauty trend is cropping up all over. Here's how to decided if you should chop.

  • Wavy-hair_thm

    Brilliant, Beautiful Summertime Waves

    Keep curly hair wavy like the ocean!

  • Mermaid_hair_thm

    Mermaid Hair: The New Beach Wave

    Make the most popular hairstyle on the red carpet your own.

  • 50_wavy_hair

    Haircuts for Wavy Hair

    Find out which wavy hairstyles make the cut for the naturally tousled.

  • 50_hair_loss

    Thinly Veiled: Hair Loss in Women

    Thirty percent of women will experience some form of hair thinning. Get help here..

  • Workout_hair_tips_50

    Post-Workout Hair Tips From Someone Who's Always Sweating

    KP DanceBody’s Katia Pryce on how she looks good after teaching class all day.

  • Healthy_shiny_hair_50

    Your Grocery List for Shiny Hair

    Fill up your cart with these nutrient-rich goodies that'll strengthen your strands.

  • Straight_hair_wavy_50

    How To: Making Straight Hair Wavy

    Does your straight hair ruin your tousled glam look? Here's a fool-proof method sure to create waves.

  • Hair_grow_longer_50

    How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

    Because frequent trims aren't actually doing anything except draining your bank account.

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