Tips from the Trenches: Fashion Week Hair Routines Revealed!

How does the fashion flock keep their hair looking so good during the busiest work week of the year?

| September 13th, 2013
Jane Houle
Tips from the Trenches: Fashion Week Hair Routines Revealed!

Where’s my iPhone? Why isn’t there a Juice Press on the way west side? There’s Juice Press backstage at Marc? Sweet! Forget juice, I need coffee...Jack’s, 9th Street or Blue Bottle? Does anyone have an iPhone charger for a 4s? Does everyone really have only 5s phones backstage? Someone’s lying...  What??? The hair team’s power just went out and they can’t blow dry the hair? Will the show start on time? Did I print the most recent backstage lists? Wait—is that Tyson Chandler OWNING drop crotch pants at Vera Wang and Russell Westbrook sitting next to Anna at Rag & Bone...I thought Lebron was Vanity Fair’s best-dressed baller...forget it, I hate everyone.

Fashion Week brings its own unique set of stresses and preoccupations—some ridiculous, some totally valid. But one thing’s for sure—everyone looks good. We picked the brains of six hard working industry ladies and unearthed their streamlined hair routines sure to be helpful when you too are short on time.



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