Hair Color Ideas for Aging Hair

Coloring your locks as they age can seriously backfire and even make you look older—unless you know these hair color ideas.

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| January 7th, 2013

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair may not show grays as easily, but it tends to get dull over time. “The mistake some women make when they go gray is to cover it with blonde if they weren’t a natural blonde to begin with,” says Scrivo. This can make you look unnatural and washed out.

The other thing that can be unflattering is to go too light against a light skintone. “If you don’t have enough depth in the root area, that can show more lines and wrinkles,” advises Scrivo. To prevent this, don’t opt for a single monochromatic blonde. Add some highlights and lowlights for dimension, whether they’re strawberry blonde, light brown or caramel colored. This will add depth and help reflect light, which can make you look more youthful.

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Gray Hair

If you are embracing your gray hair, that doesn’t mean you have to skip the coloring altogether. “It’s a white canvas,” explains Stanko, “so if you paint it with the right color, it can take the edge off.” The key is to enhance the gray and give it a flattering hue. “My trick is to do bleach highlights all over, explains Stanko, “because it can bring out a soft yellow that I can then tone with a demi-permanent color, and she’ll walk out with a blanched almond blonde.”

Glazing, using lowlights or even layering in some salt-and-pepper wisps can also add depth and make gray hair look younger. And don’t forget to protect your silver strands with heat-protecting styling products. Otherwise, blow dryers or hot irons can turn it into an unflattering shade of yellow.

The bottom line? When coloring aging hair, just remember, choosing a shade that complements your skintone and adds the right contrast can mean the difference between looking hot or not. And make no mistake, as we age, we can definitely still look hot!

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