The Secrets of Women With Gorgeous Hair

Think they were just born that way? Think again.

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| December 4th, 2012

Don’t fight nature. “You can have good hair days all year round if you learn to love your own hair,” says Arrojo. But if you insist on fighting your natural texture, you’ll not only spend a lot more time working to style it, the results may never live up to your ideal image. 

Invest in good tools (and learn how to use them). You really do get what you pay for. Quality tools—dryer, irons, brushes—will not only last longer, but they’ll also treat your hair better. Look for heat tools with temperature settings (not just “on” and “off”) so that you can adjust the heat as needed. And get the right brushes for your hair type. “Boar bristles brushes are great for creating sleekness and smoothness,” says Arrojo. “Round brushes with thermal barrels will create lift and volume in fine hair.” To learn the best styling techniques, book a lesson with your stylist. Have him walk you through the process of styling your hair from start to finish.

Eat a hair-healthy diet. Your hair will look its best when you nourish it well. That means eating a diet that feeds your hair the essential nutrients it needs. Make sure you get plenty of protein (hair is made up of it), omega 3’s (to keep it moisturized), iron (to prevent hair loss) and B vitamins (to encourage hair growth).

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