IUD Means Safe Sex, But Possibly Less Hair

| May 8th, 2012
IUD Means Safe Sex, But Possibly Less Hair

As an alternative to oral and other contraceptives — particularly those that women must take daily — many women have chosen to use an IUD, or intrauterine device. To use an IUD, you must visit your doctor who will do a pelvic examination and insert the T-shaped device during an office visit.

You can have an IUD inserted as early as four weeks postpartum, and it only takes a few minutes to insert. However, some women experience side effects ranging from moderate cramping to IUD hair loss. making this form of birth control less than desirable for women who experience siginifcant side effetcs.

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Types of IUDs

There are currently two types of IUDs available: Mirena, which releases progesterone into your body, and Paraguard, which releases copper into your body. Mirena is good for up to five years, while Paraguard lasts for as long as ten years. Both have a success rate of over 99 percent, making them a viable option for birth control.

As for how IUDs work, it’s truly debatable according to the American Pregnancy Association (and my own OB-GYN). Some believe that they prevent implantation by altering the cervical mucus lining the uterine wall, while others feel that the cervical mucus resulting from the IUD kills the sperm and prevents fertilization from even taking place. Ethically, some feel that conception begins at fertilization, while others feel that true conception includes implantation.

Since the IUD prevents implantation, it’s not an abortifacient.

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The copper released into the body can have adverse effects, including migraines, weightgain, lethargy, and even hair
loss. Curlies may also notice a change in curl patterns and overall hair health.

Since the IUD sits inside the uterus, you must visit your OB-GYN to have it inserted. The process is relatively quick; you lay down with your feet in stirrups, similar to when you have a pap smear. In a few minutes, it’s over and you’re ready to leave.

When I had my IUD inserted, I felt cramps and was a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t anything too bad. I was also about a month postpartum, though, and that may have had an effect on the crampy feeling I got. Still, it was over in just a few minutes and I was soon on my way.

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Side Effects

Prior to choosing an IUD, I did a lot of research into the side effects. I discovered that I could expect heavier menstrual cycles and intense cramps during menstruation. Eight years later, this still holds true for me. Otherwise, I have not had any side effects from my Paraguard.

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