Beauty Secrets of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team (Exclusive!)

Beauty Secrets of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team (Exclusive!)

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Every four years, the world is mesmerized while figure skaters, who are certainly athletes first and foremost, captivate with a glittering sense of artistry while performing physical feats of grace on ice. And it’s all done on 4-millimeter steel blades, while wearing more sequins than Liberace.The ladies of the U.S. Olympic figure skating team have beauty tips that are truly battlefield-tested under bright lights and high cardio demands. Here, they reveal to us the tricks behind hitting twizzles and triple lutzes with nary a hair out of place.Let the Games begin!

Wagner: Courtesy of U.S. Figure Skating
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Ashley Wagner – Ladies

“When you step on the ice, the first impression goes a long way, and hair and makeup can help draw the audience in by enhancing the character you’re portraying,” explains Ashley Wagner, 22, who will skate to “Samson & Delilah” in Sochi. “I love playing a strong personality like Delilah—she’s a wily temptress, so my look will be a Middle Eastern-inspired cat eye, cheekbones for miles and a strong berry lip,” she excitedly adds.

Tricks of the trade:

  • Black looks harsh against her light blue eyes, so Wagner instead favors smoky brown in the crease and gold shadow on the lid for depth.
  • She slices tips of CoverGirl lipsticks into an old eyeshadow pot to create custom-blended lipstick that complements her dress undertones.
  • Sunkissed highlights are a must for this Cali girl, and Champions Hair Salon (we couldn’t make this up, folks) in Lake Forest, Calif., is her go-to for a brightening blend of bronde.
  • For a sleek bun that doesn’t look like weighed-down “helmet head,” she first teases roots for a base of volume. Then she twists up a high bun, and secures by pinning down with a near-invisible Conair hairnet. A spritzing of Pantene hairspray keeps it all in place.
Davis: Courtesy of U.S. Figure Skating
Meryrl Davis

Meryl Davis – Ice Dance

Considered the strongest hope for U.S. gold in figure skating, Meryl Davis, 27, will perform to “Scheherazade” with partner Charlie White, 26. “The Persian influence means I can play out of the norm with exotic makeup colors!” she says of the bold look she plans to wear. Look for the headband she turned Olympic-worthy with jewel embellishments, and the matching lavender midriff-baring dress that skating seamstress duo Stephanie Miller and Luanne Williams created to bring the decadent tale to life.

Tricks of the trade:

  • “Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and I wear sunscreen every day, even though I go straight to a skating rink!” she says, adding that she became vigilant about protection after her mother’s bout with skin cancer a few years ago.
  • Davis keeps hair in place with Goody Spin Pins that look like little screws. “They’re total lifesavers when I’m tossed around because they keep hair from slipping out,” she says. (The brand claims that just two spin pins do the work of 20 bobby pins.)
  • To keep deep color on lips and off teeth, Davis first primes her pout with foundation, then applies lipstick, and finally blots with a Puffs tissue right before stepping on the ice.
Gold: Courtesy of U.S. Figure Skating
Gracie Gold

Gracie Gold – Ladies

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