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Bellamy Young teaches us how to channel a bit of the First Lady's power.

time wasters

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Scheduling positive events makes you happier. Here's how to find the time!

lust vodka increases sex drive

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It's not quite Viagra in a bottle.

Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones

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"We had a little bump in the road," the actor explained.

Willy Wonka

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Your chocolate habit may be keeping your heart healthy.

glow condoms STIs

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This rave-worthy invention may become the fastest STD detection on the market.

blue balls

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Guilt trip or actual health issue? Here's your answer!

pickles anxiety

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Pickles might be the social lubricant you need.

planned parenthood direct

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Thanks to Planned Parenthood, there's now an Uber for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.

cute cat

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A study has found — surprise! — that watching cat videos boosts energy and diminishes negative emotions.

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matcha popsicle

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We made healthy popsicles happen. You're welcome.


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This guac recipe is clearly not winning anyone over.

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