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One good reason to eat breakfast every day: skipping meals may actually cause weight gain around your middle.

woman waking up

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A new device called the Human Charger supposedly adjusts your circadian rhythm by beaming light to your brain via your ears.

surprised baby

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Is this baby product the cure for your next hangover?

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There are plenty of options for treatment—and they’re not limited to prescription drugs.

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Lower stress and blood pressure at this one-of-a-kind club.

stds abstinence only high school

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Crane High School students (and their parents) can breathe a little easier.

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HelloFlo's new mascot the Period Fairy is here to make that time of the month "vagical."


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And owning a dog may actually help it.

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Lee will be undergoing a double mastectomy this week.

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Some naughty insurance companies have not been covering women's preventative healthcare like they're supposed to.

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I sat down with the new UBU beauty ambassador to talk about her favorite (and only) makeup look, plus why convenient beauty tools are go-to products for an in-demand DJ.

ombre lips

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Ombré lips are so easy and totally on trend.

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Buff away all that dry, wintry skin before slipping into your summertime shorts with this heavenly floral body scrub.

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