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  • Quinoa_stuffed_pumpkin_thm

    Renovate Your Dinner Plate

    This ain't your mom's meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

  • Salty_6_thm

    Taking the Salt Out of the “Salty Six”

    Here is the most wanted list for sodium overload.

  • Good_hair_thm

    Habits for a Good Hair Life

    Are you doing what it takes for luscious locks that last?

  • Girl_restaurant_thm

    Fast Food and Full-Service: The Truth About Restaurants

    Think you're safe dining out because you don't do fast food? A new study says "not so fast."

  • Salmon_thm

    To Prevent Stroke: Go Fish!

    Do you have any (omega) 3s?

  • Hurricane_sandy_thm

    The Health Dangers of Sandy

    From electrocution to infectious diseases, damage to the East Coast goes beyond structural destruction.

  • Sick_child_thm

    How Safe Is Alternative Medicine For Your Child?

    Is eastern medicine right for your child?

  • Bike_ride_thm

    I Dare You to Stay Above the Line

    Whatever your fitness and weight-loss goals, you gotta be in it to win it.

  • 50_neti_pot

    Are Neti Pots Safe?

    The story is scary: Two dead from brain-eating amoeba after using neti pot. The You Docs explain the news.

  • Usda_seal_biobased_product_thm

    New U.S.D.A. Biobased Seal Encourages Healthier Products

    Creating demand for plant-based ingredients could keep petrochemicals out of your products.

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