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  • Medicinal_plants_50

    Nature’s Medicine Cabinet: Medicinal Plants

    Discover these healing plants that can help cure your ailments without popping a pill.

  • 50_organic_care

    Organic Feminine Care: Why The Hype?

    The scoop on going green, down there.

  • Informatin_detox_50

    Information Addiction: How to Detox From It

    Follow these seven steps to kick your internet addiction and live a richer, more fulfilling life.

  • Bagged_salad_safe_50

    Are Bagged Salads Safe?

    A recent outbreak raises concerns. Here's how to stay in the clear.

  • Man_doesnt_recognize_wife_after_surgery_anesthesia_50

    Science Explains: Why Man Coming out of Surgery Didn’t Recognize His Hot Wife (VIDEO)

    Anesthesia does crazy things to your brain.

  • Breast_cancer_after_birth_50

    The Pregnancy-Breast-Cancer Connection

    Your chances for breast cancer go up after you’ve had a baby—and then down after that.

  • Walking_running_50

    Walking Is Just as Good as Running

    Hate running? You're in luck. New research says taking it slow yields the same results.

  • Indoor_co2_thm

    Inhaling What We Exhale: Is It Slowing Your Brain?

    A new study highlights the potential danger of "pollution" indoors.

  • Aging_fast_t

    Is 35 the New 50?

    FInd out if you're aging faster (and worse) than your parents.

  • Breast_cancer_gene_t

    Why the Breast Cancer Gene Test Costs So Much

    Cost standing between you and the test? Here's why it's so high.

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