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  • Positive_thoughts_50

    The Power of Positive Thinking on Your Health

    A good mood attitude will help you live a longer, stronger, happier life.

  • Poisons_50

    The Surprising Health Benefits of Toxins

    These harmful poisons have the ability to heal and relieve pain—if given in the correct dosage.

  • Childhood_cancer_50

    Help This Mom Turn a Nightmare Prognosis Into Something Positive

    Do your good deed for the day.

  • Meal_planning_50

    Meal Planning for Beginners

    Getting the jump on the week's dinners is good for your mind, your body, your family and your budget.

  • Vitamins_autumn_50

    Fall Into Autumn Feeling Strong

    These key supplements can help bolster your immune system to prepare for fall.

  • Aska_chicken_50

    Ask A Scientist: Should I Wash Chicken Before Cooking?

    If you think rinsing your chicken makes cooking cleaner, think again.

  • Bmi_50

    In Defense of BMI—Sort Of

    Is it a perfect measure? No. But you should still know yours. Here's why.

  • 50_spring_allergies

    Five Surprising Allergy Triggers

    Does fall make you sniffle and suffer? Drop these habits that can make your allergies worse.

  • Poop_transplant_50

    Skinny People’s Poop Could Cure Obesity

    Exploring the unlikely source of obesity-fighting bacteria and the future of DIY fecal transplants.

  • Data_intro_article_t

    Introducing Beauty Intel

    Here at the new YouBeauty, we’re writing stories about the most interesting woman we know: you!

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