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    Overcome Obesity With New Food Habits

    Want to lose weight and keep it off? Don’t diet! Follow these healthy tips instead.

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    The Healthy Back Diet

    What to eat (and what not to eat) for a strong and healthy back.

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    Stress and Pregnancy

    Tips to keep you calm and happy, for a healthy, beautiful pregnancy.

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    All Foods Aren’t Created Equal

    Counting calories? The You Docs explain what's more important when it comes to food choices.

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    Eat to Breathe Easy

    A healthy diet can help control asthma related conditions.

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    Stay Young: Summer Snacks for Strong Bones

    WIth these cool treats, fighting osteoporosis is no sweat.

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    Strength Train for Your Brain

    Break this kind of sweat to prevent dementia.

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    Pregnancy and Your Body Shape

    The science behind how your body grows and changes during pregnancy.

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    The Summer’s Hottest Cocktail? Water!

    Are you drinking enough? Find out what your pee can tell you.

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    Rules for YouBeauty's Caption Contests

    Enter YouBeauty's weekly Friday Caption Contest!

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