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  • 50_artificial_sweeteners

    Artificial Sweeteners and Increased Weight

    Worried that artificial sweeteners are hurting your health? Our experts dig in.

  • 50_weight

    Can This Evolutionary Feat Help You Lose Weight?

    Have you ever tried to lose weight, but it just doesn't work? Well, now you'll know why!

  • 50_pills

    5 Ways to Save Money on Medicine

    Your prescriptions keep your health in check. Here's how to keep them from breaking the bank.

  • 50_lemon_smile

    Healthy Recipes for a Beautiful Smile

    Keep your pearly whites shining with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Exercise_after_pregnancy_50

    Exercise After Pregnancy

    How to begin getting back in shape post-pregnancy.

  • Berries_heart_disease_thm

    Eat Blueberries to Prevent Heart Attack

    They're great for your skin and for your heart. What can't this juicy beauty food do?

  • Organization_thm

    Clean Up Your Life

    Cleaning up the clutter helps our Lifestyle Columnist de-clutter her mind. You can too.

  • 50_prenatal_vitamins

    Prenatal Vitamins Prevent Autism and Bolster Beauty

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain how prenatal vitamins help your baby, and boost your beauty!

  • Healthy_heart_thm

    6 Steps Younger Women Need To Take Today for Healthier Hearts Tomorrow

    How to really stay young at heart.

  • 50_noise_beauty

    Is Noise Blasting Your Beauty?

    Construction, horrible neighbors, dinging phones...you know what we mean.

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