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  • Mammogram_t

    4 Medical Tests You Might Not Need

    Find out which tests are necessary, frivolous or dangerous.

  • Oxygen_bar_hangover_thm

    Will a Visit to an Oxygen Bar Cure Your Hangover?

    Find out if the claims are true—or just full of hot air.

  • 50_beauty_issues

    Six Beauty Issues That Signal Health Problems

    Are your hair, skin or nail problems trying to tell you something?

  • 50_holy_basil

    A Holy Plant to Help You Manage Stress

    Our Integrative Health Expert uses Holy basil, and it works!

  • Sore_throat_remedies_t

    Natural Sore Throat Remedies

    From honey and garlic to licorice root, see how you can ease your throat and put the OTC drugs away.

  • Burnout_thm

    When Your Body Says No: Avoiding ‘Burnout’

    Is your stressful life pushing you toward a breakdown? Learn the signs so you can feel good every day.

  • Improve_heart_health_music_thm

    The Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Heart Health

    Luckily, one includes eating chocolate (score!).

  • 50_baby_shampoo

    Baby Shampoo and Skincare: Toxic Ingredient Cheat Sheet

    Here's what to watch out for.

  • Mushroom-preformance-enhancement_50x50_thumbnail

    Miracle Mushrooms for Athletic Performance

    The (rumored) secret of Chinese Olympians is totally legal!

  • 50_artificial_sweeteners

    Artificial Sweeteners and Increased Weight

    Worried that artificial sweeteners are hurting your health? Our experts dig in.

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