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  • Blood_pressure_youth_50

    Healthy Habits Can Help You Look Younger

    The same things that improve your heart health can also keep wrinkles and sagginess at bay.

  • Food_buddies_50

    Food Buddies Are the New Exercise Buddies

    Who you go to dinner with has a major effect on what you order.

  • Boost_energy_infographic_50

    5 Ways to Boost Your Energy (Infographic)

    These simple tricks can give you a nice little pick-me-up when your day starts to drag.

  • Cant_get_sick_50

    How Does the Flu Vaccine Work?

    The science behind the shot and nasal spray.

  • How_breathe_50

    Are You Breathing Right?

    Simple tips to ensure you’re getting enough oxygen in your lungs. (Because right now, you may not be.)

  • Energy_drinks_50

    Are Energy Drinks Safe?

    Find out what happens to your body when you drink this popular beverage.

  • 50_nail_art

    How Nail Polish Got Me Out of Bed

    One writer's story about how a little nail art made the dark days of meningitis brighter.

  • Foods_prevent_cancer_50

    Epigenetics: Eating to Prevent Cancer

    How your dinner plate affects your genes—and your risk.

  • Angelina_jolie_mastecotmy_t

    Should You Get the Breast Cancer Gene Test?

    Angelina Jolie decided to get a double mastectomy because of her own results. Here's why.

  • Relish_fall_living_50

    4 Ways to Relish Fall Living

    Improve your wellbeing and enjoy all fall has to offer with these health-boosting activities.

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