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  • Boot_camp_thm

    Train Like a Spartan

    The new way to body peace: tap into your inner warrior.

  • 50_epigenetics

    Epigenetics: How to Control Your (Beauty and Health) Destiny

    Think your DNA is inalterable? Think again. Learn how your lifestyle may affect gene expression.

  • Exercise_thm

    Stay Young At Heart: Three Things To Do Today

    Living healthier and longer is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Summer_salad_thm

    A Skin-Refining Late Summer Salad

    A delicious mix of fruits and vegetables to make summer last.

  • Happiness_women_thm

    Happiness Gene: Found (Only In Women!)

    Do you have this built-in antidepressant? The latest research is shocking!

  • Skin_cancer_thm

    Holy Moley! New Device May Spot Melanoma

    F.D.A.-approved “MelaFind” holds promise for the diagnosis of the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

  • Home_made_salad_dressing_thm

    The Power of Homemade Salad Dressing

    Our healthy living columnist shares her secret to getting kids to love salad

  • Stress_heart_health_thm

    Anxiety Can Raise Heart Risks

    Want to live longer? Take control of your emotional health.

  • Probiotics_thm

    Gut Reaction

    How are the bacteria in your body doing?

  • Garbage_thm

    Time to Toss?

    How do you really know when household items reach their expiration date? We tell you.

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