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    Boost Your Energy Levels

    Revitalize with these energy-enhancing tips.

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    Memory Boosting Tips

    Keep your brain operating at maximum power.

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    Shingles on the Rise: Is the Chicken Pox Vaccine to Blame?

    The answer is no—but you should get the shingles vaccine anyway. Here's why.

  • Week_day_weight_loss_50

    Science Reveals Your Skinniest Day of the Week

    And why it's ok to let loose a little over the weekend.

  • Organic_personality_50

    What Is Your Organic Personality?

    With so many reasons to go organic, find the issues that are most important to you.

  • Coffee_habit_50

    Is Your Caffeine Habit Out of Control?

    If it's affecting other parts of your life and health, then maybe.

  • Desert_habit_50

    Dessert Is a Habit (Not a Food Group)

    Turn ice cream into a special treat instead of a knee-jerk reaction.

  • Heart_health_50

    8 Things You’re Already Doing to Prevent Heart Disease

    ...And if you aren't, you should be!

  • Dr_oz_mornings_50

    7 Healthy Things Dr. Oz Does Before 7 a.m.

    We get the scoop on how America's doctor prepares his mind and body for a healthy day, every day.

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    Recipes to Boost Energy

    Try these simple energy-enhancing recipes and tips for a revved-up diet.

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