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  • Usda_seal_biobased_product_thm

    New U.S.D.A. Biobased Seal Encourages Healthier Products

    Creating demand for plant-based ingredients could keep petrochemicals out of your products.

  • 50_fruit_veggies

    Build a Breast Cancer-Fighting Menu

    What to eat (and what to avoid) to reduce your risk.

  • 50_beauty_battling_cancer

    Boost Your Inner Beauty While Battling Cancer

    Learn coping strategies that experts say are proven to make you feel better, and face tough times.

  • 50_cancer_comfort2

    What to Say (and Not Say) to Someone Who Has Cancer

    Part 2 of our series, check it out for some helpful tips.

  • 50_cancer_fighters

    Top 10 Cancer Fighters

    These easy lifestyle tips can help you prevent cancer.

  • Serene_woman_thm

    Coping With Cancer, Beautifully

    How women let their beauty shine during cancer treatment.

  • 50_cancer_comfort

    How to Be There For Someone Who Has Cancer

    When you don't know what to do or say, these strategies can help out.

  • 50_preventing_cancer

    Preventing Cancer: The Facts and Myths

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen address new stats that say we don't always know what will affect our cancer risk.

  • Junk_food_thm

    Will Alzheimer's Be Renamed Type 3 Diabetes?

    Startling news: What junk food could be doing to your brain and body.

  • Read_food_labels_thm

    Read Yourself Slim

    People who are thinner do this simple thing at the grocery store! Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen explain.

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