Wash Your Vegetables (And your Hands!)

These two everyday acts will keep you healthy and could even save your life.

Every day we make thousands of choices, about what to eat, what to wear, where to shop. We are so busy making these choices that sometimes we forget to make some basic choices that can save our lives and help us feel better.  

Wash Your Vegetables

For example, washing our hands. For another example, washing our fruits and vegetables.  

We live in a global world, and our food comes from all over. Just because we all aspire to eat better, (which usually also means eating more locally grown food) doesn't mean this always happens.  

Earlier this month, the CDC documented a nationwide food contamination with an outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes that affected cantaloupes. Unfortunately, many people were infected. Those infected were from all over the United States; in fact, at least twenty states reported cases.

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This unfortunate outbreak is a great reminder to us all about the choices that we make individually, every day, to be healthy.  

It's not always the big three: eating well, exercising and exhaling (stress management).  

Sometimes it's as simple as washing our hands, making sure that we wash our fruits and vegetables, and being mindful of other healthy kitchen safety tips.  

These include handling raw meat and eggs safely (think, for example: using a separate cutting board and utensils to handle raw meat; washing the counter with soapy water; and of course washing your hands!); cooking meat thoroughly; and checking your refrigerator to make sure that it is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and that your freezer is set to 0 or below degrees Fahrenheit.  

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