Invest in Your Relationships

Wintertime is the best season for reflecting on the important people in your life—and whom you might want to cut ties with.

The end of the year always brings moments when you just want to cuddle with someone you love, spend time with family, have lavish dinner parties and reminisce about the months that have passed.

It is a great time to process what has happened during the year—both good and bad. You can start making plans for the months to come, while warming up to your family, friends and loved ones.

My favorite time of the year is definitely the fall season. The air we breathe is crisp and the colors all around us are the most beautiful of the year. But I can't deny the fact that winter brings great moments, too. It is the season of deep conversations and spending time together. The winter months bring the time to emphasize bonds and emotions.

I love it. I make hearty soups and delicious roasted root vegetables for my loved ones. I have late-night conversations over a glass of hot apple cider. I read, write and do other creative things to nourish my mind. I love being warm inside, while it is storming outside! 

In my opinion, the best relationships you have in your life are the ones that have equal give-and-take. If you feel drained after meeting someone, and this happens each time you meet, it might be time to let go—even if it is for a short period of time.

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Alexia van der MeijdenLonneke, left, with her sister Marloes and her baby son Navy
Lonneke, left, with her sister Marloes and her baby son Navy

On the other hand, people who always make you feel really good, inspire you, and are fun to be around are the people you might want to spend more time with and invest in. In my life I had to make tough decisions about breaking up with certain people—whether they were love interests, or friends, or even family.

(Some did come back to me later in life. My sister and I have a much stronger bond after we took some time apart to discover ourselves.)

If I started feeling down and depressed after being around them, I thought that must not be good. You might think you should stay around because they are family, or because everyone around you loves them. Sometimes it is better to take a break, and it can be good for both parties. It could lead to something better in the end with or without each other.

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