Stress and Pregnancy

Tips to keep you calm and happy, for a healthy, beautiful pregnancy.

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Pregnancy & Health

Buddy Up
You may not be thinking about baby play dates yet, but how about scheduling a mom-to-be play date right now? Joining a support group of moms going through similar things (or who have) is one of the best things you can do for your state of mind.

Studies show that handling a pregnancy with little emotional support is correlated to greater emotional distress, depression and anxiety. Those who cope with the aid of support? They tend to take better care of all aspects of their health.

Get Your iPod Playlist Ready
Whether you like Mozart or Metallica, music can reduce stress during pregnancy, and even reduce pain during childbirth. Listening to tunes for a half hour a day substantially reduces depression and stress. An added bonus: Blasting some tunes will stimulate your baby with various sounds in utero.

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