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The Best (and Worst) States for Skin in America

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  • Washing Face Ch

    Wash Your Face. For Us.

    Only 56 percent of you wash your face every night before bed. Seriously, you guys?!
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  • Fat Talk Ch

    How About We Like Our Bodies, M'kay?

    Less than 10 percent of YouBeauty readers are very satisfied with their weight.
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Lashes A

The Lashes You Want (and How to Get Them)

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Articles + Expert Advice

  • Look Good Photos Ch

    How to Look Cool in Hot Weather Photos

    A whopping 87 percent of you say that you have shiny t-zones in pictures.
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  • Fruit Veggies 640

    Why You Want to Munch on More Fruits and Vegetables

    64 percent of you eat three or fewer servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
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  • Ask A Scientist Spf Makeup

    Ask a Scientist: Is Makeup with SPF Enough Sun Protection?

    Maybe... if you use a whole bottle of foundation at once. Here's what you need to know.
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