Your Vagina: An Owner's Manual

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Masturbation is Good For Your Health! Here, 4 Ways to do it Better

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  • Orgasm Sex Positions

    The Best Sex Positions for Orgasms

    Prepare to have your world rocked.
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  • Why Crotch Itches

    5 Reasons Why Your Crotch Itches

    No one likes to talk about it, but at one point or another, you're going to experience it.
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Orgasm Style Ch

What's Your Orgasm Style?

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Articles + Expert Advice

  • Ask Scientist Period A

    Ask a Scientist: Is Period Syncing for Real?

    What's scarier than a woman with raging PMS? Try 10 women with raging PMS.
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  • Ask Scientist Squirt A

    Ask a Scientist: Can All Women Squirt During Sex?

    Exploring the mysteries of female ejaculation.
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  • Vagina Scent A

    What’s Your Vagina Supposed to Smell Like?

    Hint: It’s not roses or fish.
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