Life's a Sport

Life's a Sport

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Can't make it to the gym, well, ever? Research shows that simply standing more often carries its own life-saving benefits for sedentary folks.

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Whip your body into shape in mere minutes with high-intensity sprint interval training on an elliptical machine.

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Take your treadmill workout to the next level with high-intensity sprint interval training.

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Sometimes less is more. Find out about the highs (and benefits) of low- to moderate-intensity training.

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YouBeauty's fitness expert Tracy Hafen has elected to surgically remove her healthy breasts in light of her high risk of breast cancer. Here, she weighs the downsides of the surgery.

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YouBeauty's fitness expert Tracy Hafen has decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy in light of the breast cancer that runs in her family. Here, she shares what led her to this difficult decision.

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Turns out, the genre of music you choose can mean the difference between a vigorous workout and a ho-hum one.

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From glowing skin to sculpted muscles, how to look hot when showing off your back.

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How to whip your derrière into shape and really see results.

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The stress of forcing yourself to do a fitness activity you can't stand may outweigh the benefits.

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Use a gentle tapping motion to spread product over eye area to help prevent fine lines.

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Herbs galore! Here's a how-to for making herb butter and some recipes you'll love.

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Find burn relief in your kitchen!

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