use alcohol for cleaning

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Having a well-appointed home bar doesn't just make for great hostessing — it can also be a treasure trove of cleaning supplies! These are...

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Setting a new standard for chain restaurants, burrito behemoth Chipotle has announced that as of today, it will stop serving any genetically modified ingredients (aka genetically...

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Cheesy, gooey, and traditionally high-calorie, macaroni and cheese is the epitome of classic comfort food. It’s also surprisingly easy to lighten while dialing up...

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Even if you're cooking-challenged, it's hard to mess up this tasty, low-maintenance recipe.

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Known as the ultimate comfort food cuisine, Kraft mac & cheese will be making a big change to their popular dinners: The company announced in a press...

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Blackberries are a great medicine if you have a painful or swollen throat, mouth, or gums. Their antioxidant, kidney-toning, and detoxifying properties make them...

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The pre-race meal can have a huge impact on performance. Here's how to fuel your body properly.

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Get a brighter complexion by incorporating these skin-illuminating foods into your diet.

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Using this make-ahead method, you can easily prep a few weeks' worth of smoothies in half an hour.

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It tastes as good as it looks!

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diet pepsi aspartame

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See ya later, aspartame. PepsiCo announced on Friday that Diet Pepsi, as well as Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, will no...

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The stereotypical cosmetic surgery patient is an older one:  an aging woman, usually,  seeking the breasts, tummy, eyes or butt from her younger years. Put another...

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This Mother's Day, let's take a moment to thank the women who give us our morals, conscience, and style: moms on TV. Sometimes mothers,...

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For the first time ever, Brits can now get tested for HIV in the comfort of their own homes. The new at-home testing kit called BioSure HIV...

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