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  • 50_eat_better_sleep

    Eat for Better Sleep (and Better Health!)

    Nutrition Advisor Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D. shows you how.

  • Eating_for_sleep_50

    Eating Tips for Better Sleep

    Struggling with sleep? Try these dining do's and don'ts for a sweet slumber.

  • Eat_ease_cramps_50

    What to Eat During Your Period

    That time of the month? Chew on this.

  • Energy_thumb

    Your All-Day Energy Meal Plan

    If you’re consistently tired and sluggish, your eating habits may be to blame.

  • Default_thumbnail_beauty_mark

    Frisky Pasta e Fagioli Soup

    Fortify your fertility at lunch with this hearty bean, vegetable and pasta dish.

  • Cereal_size_50

    Study: The Shape of Your Cereal Makes You Eat More

    Scientists reveal a simple difference that could change breakfast forever.

  • Which_diet_healthiest_50

    Science Has Determined the Best Diet for Your Health

    And it’s not any of the ones you think it is.

  • Fruit_sniffing_50

    A Weird Way to Trick Yourself Into Making Healthy Food Choices

    As if you didn't already have enough weird habits.

  • Tequila_weight_loss_50

    Setting the Record Straight: Tequila Won't Help You Lose Weight

    But a sweetener made from the agave plant, where tequila comes from, might.

  • Why_youre_fat_50

    Why Eating 'Everything in Moderation' is a Total Myth

    Yes, there are such things as "bad" foods.

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