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  • Eat_ease_cramps_50

    What to Eat During Your Period

    That time of the month? Chew on this.

  • Eat_brian_wansink_50

    Eat Like a Food Psychologist: Brian Wansink

    Smoothies, hot protein and Diet Coke.

  • Mcrib_tn

    Watch: Here's How the McRib Gets Made

    It's more appetizing than you'd think!

  • Burn_off_hallowen_candy_50

    5 Ways to Burn Off Your Favorite Halloween Candy

    Try these easy exercises to stop those sweet treats from playing a trick on your waistline.

  • Nutritionist_approved_candy_50

    Healthy Halloween Candy? Yes, It's Possible!

    Here are five nutritionist approved options.

  • Pigsblood_50

    Scare Your Halloween Guests with Pigs' Blood Cupcakes

    And you thought the office candy jar was scary.

  • Oatmeal_day_50

    6 Reasons to Eat More Oatmeal

    It might not be the fanciest meal, but its health benefits are pretty impressive.

  • Synthetic_meat_50

    Synthetic Cow's Milk Is Coming — Yum?

    Even milk gets the Frankenstein treatment.

  • 10_foods_50

    The Top 10 Foods to Avoid

    #5 should come with a side of cardiologist.

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    Enter to Win Free Ice Cream for a Month From Enlightened!

    Healthy ice cream exists—and it tastes good, too.

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