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  • Gum_50

    Why Nobody's Chewing Gum Anymore

    And the new generation of gum companies that hope to get you blowing bubbles again.

  • Gluten_free_flour_50

    'Gluten-Free' Food Labels Now Actually Mean What They Say

    Because before they didn't. Wait. What?

  • Bighookupweb_50

    The 9 Highest Calorie Restaurant Meals of 2014

    When you're eating out, here's what not to order, ever.

  • Baba_ghanoush_50

    Wrinkle-Fighting Baba Ghanoush Recipe

    Pair this smooth and garlicky dip with fresh veggies for the perfect healthy crunch.

  • Global_beauty_mexico_50

    Beyond Chia: 6 Superfoods From South America

    The Mayans knew their stuff when it came to nutrition.

  • Olive_oil_50

    How to Shop for the Best Olive Oil

    Not all olive oil is created equal.

  • Late_night_eating_50

    Ask a Scientist: Will Eating Too Late at Night Make Me Gain Weight?

    Exploring the perils of the midnight snack.

  • Rosemary_50

    Study Links Rosemary and Oregano to Lower Blood Sugar. This Is Amazing News for Your Skin.

    Good things. Really good things.

  • Chicken_herbes_provence_50

    12-Minute Dinner: Grilled Chicken With Herbs de Provence (Recipe)

    A simply lovely dish that looks like it took hours (not minutes) to make.

  • Ask_scientist_red_wine_50

    Ask a Scientist: Does Red Wine Make You Sleepier Than White Wine?

    Cheers! (And goodnight.)

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