Top 10 Sugar Foods (and Secret Sugar Foods)

Sugar, it seems, is everywhere.

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Whether you want to kick the habit completely or just modify your choices, here are a few tips to avoid the sugar high and beauty low.

Distract your taste buds

Using flavoring like cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla powder on your oatmeal or coffee, or lemon, grapefruit, or mint in your water, can make the sugar reduction process a little more exciting.  Also, go to town on any and all roasted vegetables. The roasting process brings out their natural sweetness and will satisfy your need for sweet.

Just walk it off.

Got a sugar craving?  Studies show that you’re much less likely to crave sweet foods after exercise.  Even just a 30 minute brisk walk would suppress the craving and allow you burn calories to boot!

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A girl has got to have standards.

Next time you’re grocery shopping, use the following as a reference point for your purchases:

  • Main dishes and desserts should contain no more than 4 grams of added sugar per serving
  • Side dishes should contain no more than 2 grams of added sugars per serving

In total, you want to keep you added sugar to less than 24 grams, or 6 teaspoons per day and going even lower than that will improve your health and beauty significantly more!

Keep it real. Using a sugar substitute might create a “bigger” problem.

Recent studies suggest that the use of calorie-free sweeteners may contribute to over-eating and inevitable weight gain. Slowly reduce your sugar intake and you will learn to appreciate sweetness, rather than using sweetener and “trying to get your lunch for free.”

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