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How do you clean your face before bed?
  • I don't bother—I'm just going to put more makeup on the next day anyway! - 13%
  • I just wash my face—most of the makeup comes off, too. - 29%
  • I use makeup removing wipes or pads but don't wash my face. - 15%
  • I use a makeup remover and then a face wash. - 41%

You should be washing your face and removing makeup every night. Why? Because if you're not wiping all the dirt, pollution and makeup off your face before you hit the sack, those grimy particles sit on your skin and can seriously clog your pores, causing breakouts. But sometimes, finding the perfect cleanser, toner and makeup remover can get tiring, causing us to be, well, lazy. But what if you could do it all with one simple product? Well, now you can, with new cleansing waters that serve all three functions, getting your skin squeaky clean in just a few swipes.

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