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Do you own multiple body lotions? If so, why?
  • Too many lotions! I don’t end up using them. - 17%
  • I have lotions that take care of my skin and others that simply feel good & smell good. - 44%
  • I use different lotions at different times of the year. - 16%
  • I like to keep lotions in different places around the house. - 20%
Courtesy of Vaseline
woman with vaseline

Do you have different lotions for different reasons? You’re not alone!

When asked why they own multiple body lotions, 59% of women in a recent survey* answered they use different lotions for different skin needs. For example, some women may use one lotion to take care of their skin, and another lotion for its feel and scent.

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*Source: 2012 survey conducted by RedShift on Vaseline’s behalf of 1,000 women across the U.S

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